You Must Learn To Care

Yes we must learn to care, be Attentive, be observant, be helpful, be patient, be concerned, look out and help those in need, like what we are doing for our 71 year old elder and master, our teacher, our mentor, our father, our best friend, our guide Dr Malachi Z York, a man who really looked out for people, a man who spent hours and hours and hours teaching, writing and showing people how to live a better life, the animals, the birds, the fishes, the reptile, the ants in fact everything that grows and feeds of life works with nature, and Dr Malachi Z York really cared for everyone who needed help and know he needs our help, and the help we can help him with is to sign the petition that as been set up by the Law Office of Victoria Broussard so we can approach President Obama so as to encourage him to pardon Dr York and to see that he is released from the suffering conditions he’s currently in and experiencing this time, President Obama is a caring man, and a man such as himself does have compassion because we’ve seen it.
Please join us in our support to make Dr Malachi Z York exit out of confinement a reality.

Press that red button and sign the petition by entering your details.

Remember Unity is Strength.

Peace from Owen Anderson.
U.K. England.


Sign our petition to Free Dr. York!!!