Words Can’t Express What Dr.York Has Meant To Me

An Article On Dr.York

I wish words could honestly express the positive impact Dr.York has made on my life. I was sixteen the first time I heard of him, it was a video of him teaching. At the time I didn’t know exactly  why I was watching but he spoke to my intellect. At my young age, I wasn’t necessarily focused but for some reason his voice stuck with me. I got to a point in my life where I was ready for a change and he was the person that helped me focus and make those positive changes.
Through Dr.York’s teachings, books and classes I was enlightened. I became informed enough to know the harm that I was causing myself and family.
I used to smoke and drink and engage in many different illegal activities but once I decided to become a student of Dr.York. I changed my life for the better.
I started studying who I am and where I came from. I learned about all the potential that I possessed to become a dynamic positive individual.
I stopped smoking and drinking  immediately and I became more conscious of my health as well.
I feel that Dr.York has no business being incarcerated at all, let alone be sentenced so harshly. Dr.York has been nothing short of a benefit and a blessing to anyone who he’s come across or anyone who has stumbled upon his books or teachings. I know for a fact that he’s saved many lives through his many endeavors and life’s work.
I’ve never known anyone who’s completed as many positive things as Dr.York has in his lifetime; namely the many books he’s authored, positive communities he’s raised and intellectual schools of thought he has founded. Anything he stood for was in accordance with the unifying of people the world over in an especially positive and peaceful manner.
Anytime I think of how Dr.York is incarcerated, neglected  and being treated so unjustly, I feel saddened and think how can a person who’s done so much good be treated with such unfairness and be treated so negatively.
I Hope that whatever I do can benefit Dr.York even a small amount because I can honestly say that he has saved my life.
By Devante Hancock
Washington D.C