Why I Say Dr. Malachi Z York Needs To Be Free!

Let’s take a look at what Dr. Malachi Z. York has done since the late 1960’s up until he was incarcerated, what he taught in that period of time and what he has achieved. Dr. Malachi Z. York is like a messenger to those people who follow him. Though he has said he wants people walking with him, no followers, he taught and guided who ever wanted to listen and learn who and what they are. Dr. York taught the truths of various religions, biology, spirituality, Egyptology, mythology, anatomy, quantum physics and so much more. Whenever this man spoke, you would always learn something new. And if you stuck around long enough, you would always learn something that you should have been taught by your parents, your school teacher, mentor or even your religious preachers or teachers who claim to be servants of God.

To me, Dr. Malachi York is like a breath of fresh air. When you read his books or listen to him teach and answer any question fired at him you can’t help thinking that there’s more to this man than you think. One thing you should know is that Dr. Malachi Z. York has written over 1,000 books, books about the types of things that uplift people. Before I found out about the Nuwaupian way of life that Dr. Malachi Z. York taught, I was always searching for the truth of who and what I am. Because I was brought up as a Christian, it kind of discouraged me from asking certain questions because I was taught to just believe and have faith. After I came across Dr. Malachi Z. York and his books, tapes and videos and what he taught, I then felt satisfied that I had the answers to the questions I had been seeking. He encouraged me to do my own research. Things finally made sense to me.

In 2002, Dr. Malachi Z. York was arrested and locked up for things that all those who know and walk with him knew couldn’t be true. We learned from him to be good people, help the needy, educate ourselves and others, and help the poor. He promotes all the things that make people decent and respectable in this world and he has lead by example. Dr. Malachi Z. York is respected by thousands of people who he has reached by way of the factual information he has recorded in the thousands of books he’s written and the many free classes he has taught over the course of more than 40 years. Dr. Malachi Z. York is a 71 year old man who does not need to be in confinement for crimes that were never proven. This is a great injustice to him. He has been unfairly treated and we, as a family, are asking President Obama to help us in our campaign to achieve our objective to secure his freedom so Dr. Malachi Z. York can live out his days as a free man in peace with his family.

There are many who care for him and wish to see him home. He is a sick elderly man who suffers from angioedema; it’s a life threatening condition with symptoms that include stomach cramping and an outbreak of patches or rash on the hands, arms, and feet. In some cases, some people with angioedema may have a swollen throat, hoarseness, and problems with breathing which for a man who is incarcerated is like living in hell. Right now a lot of people are working hard to secure this elder, Dr. Malachi Z. York’s, freedom. There is dedicated legal team headed by attorney Victoria Broussard. With all the help and support from the public about the injustice toward Dr. Malachi Z. York, we may see a positive change and outcome. We pray that with the help and support from the public who believe that EQUAL RIGHTS AND JUSTICE STANDS FOR ALL innocent people who deserve a fair trial. With your help we can make a difference.

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Peace from Owen Anderson
U.K. England.


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