Why Dr. York Should Be Free

Greetings, my name is Clifford Williams and I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. I was born in England and grew up there while being raised as a Christian. My parents taught me good Christian values and how to be a good citizen and hardworking member of my family and community.

Like many youngsters I got in with the wrong crowds and ended up getting into trouble in school.  When I left school, my grades could have been much better. I decided to join the British army and left home at the age of 16. When I left the army, my view of the world and life in general was not very positive. I decided to study religion, spirituality and how to become a productive member of society again. This led me to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness.

While out on the ministry one day I met some Nuwaupians and then I became a Nuwaupian myself. The main reason for this was because of Dr. Malachi York. His teachings, writings and lectures brought me to a whole new realization of what life is really about: helping people and healing the world and those in it.

When he was incarcerated in 2002, this again changed my view of the world. “How can someone so positive be treated so negatively?”, I thought. Over the past several months I have had my mind changed for the better after listening to the efforts, recordings and videos from Dr. Malachi York’s legal team and his attorney, Ms. Victoria Broussard. The work they have done has really helped me to realize that there is still so much good in the world and we truly are here to help each other.

The compassion I hear every time they are speaking on the recordings, I feel very deeply that he should be released. From what I have read and seen online, some of the people who helped to convict him, have recanted their statements and have said they were coerced into giving false testimonies.

I am not a legal expert. However, after conducting some research into the case online, I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Malachi York should be released. He is also very ill and is not receiving the proper care and attention a person with his ailments needs. I don’t know much about Angioedema, but from what I understand it is a life threatening condition which requires a lot of medical attention which I have found out is not currently being provided to Dr. Malachi York.

Victoria Broussard, Mario Jessup and the other people in the legal team have done a wonderful job of bringing the case of Dr. Malachi York to thousands of peoples’ attention. I felt so strongly about how they showed compassion and care with regards to this whole case that I too want to do something to make justice happen.

When I learned that President Barack Obama can give pardon to people in prison, I felt very positive about what Victoria Broussard and the legal team are doing through the online petition. Dr. Malachi York should be freed as he has been and will be a great example to 1000’s of people around the world.


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