When I First Came Across Dr. York’s Literature

My name is Malik Moten and I am 23 years old. I first came across Dr. York’s literature when I was about 17-18 years old in Washington D.C. I came across a book store that sold literature by Dr. Malachi York when I was walking home from school one Friday afternoon during the summer. I have seen the bookstore before in previous weeks. Yet, something about that day, something inside, or maybe outside of me, seemingly dragged me across the street this time to check it out.

It literally was right up the street from where I was living at the time; so, I know it wasn’t even close to coincidence.  I had a conversation with a middle aged man who was well versed in the doctrine that day at the store. After that conversation, my mind was BLOWN. I recall going home that day and going straight to sleep. The information was so eye, ear, and heart opening that my mind just shut down to process everything.

A few days later I watched a YouTube video of Dr. York teaching. From that day forward my mind shut down plenty more times, because I never stopped reading his books since. The truth and upliftment of his words were and are unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Dr. Malachi York changed MY WHOLE LIFE. How I see things, how I hear things, down to even how I feel about them.

I was put out of every school I went to until the 10th grade. I STAYED in trouble. I came across the literature in the 9th grade and started putting it to use in the 10th. It showed in my character. It showed in my school work. It showed in how I walked, spoke, and carried myself. It truly kept me out of trouble at a very dangerous point of my life in a toxic city surrounded by toxic people.

Learning all the details of his case and looking at his books and his works and all the people he changed; it is very clear to me that he is not even one negative thing that prosecutors and media proclaimed him to be. A man that changed my life and the life and hearts of so many would never do anything such as molest a child; how do I know? I know by way of what was proven to me through his humanitarian efforts and the love and truth filled in his literature. Dr. Malachi York opened my mind that was once closed and misguided, and made me reconsider my path as a human being. NO man like that should be locked away like an animal.