What Is Your Freedom Worth?

There are many classes that Dr. York taught while in these various religious schools. Most of them are on some form of social media now and can be studied over and over again. Depending on one’s state of mind and past experiences, the message he is relaying may be received differently by different people. Still, Paa Nabab Yaanuwn leaves no room for doubt for the sincere student whose goal is to learn and apply right knowledge to their daily life. His teachings are the source of the so-called conscious community “kemit” knowledge as most of them are former Nawapians who ventured off looking for fortune and fame, forgetting who the Master Teacher really is. What do they have to show for it? A few debates on YouTube and followers. What are they doing to build a nation? Nothing. They are welcome back home though within the tribe of Nawapians.

While listening to his past tapes I noticed that even when teaching about religions that have nothing to do with us, and the names and characters and places mentioned in these so called holy books, he always made the connection with the original language of the book itself. Dr. York, as a linguist and speaker of over 19 languages, has been telling us for years that the key to overstanding the true meaning of a word or phrase is in overstanding the language from which is originated.

Fast forward to what is now referred to as the year 2017 and our own language of Nawapians, Nawapic, has undergone various changes and upgrades. As the original language spoken, Nawapic birthed all other tougues. It birthed Arabic then Hebrew and all other offshoots and dialects with mixing of races and migration of people from land to land. With each updated tone we receive from Paa Nabab Yaanuwn, he is breaking the spell that is contained within the English language itself. English is a language that was deliberately constructed to confuse and confound the mind of the logical and scientific African. We are taught as children about letter sounds. “Sh” makes the “shhh” sound. So explain “sugar”. To a child’s mind, that is illogical and so begins the mental abuse of the African mind.

In an update from 10/23/2012, Dr. York tells us that, “we as Nawap-u are inclined toward diagrams, hieroglyphics. Paa Cacas-u put selective words into their language to neutralize inquisitiveness.” This language is the language of mental slavery and where the mind goes, the body follows. So what is your freedom worth to you? What is it worth to your children and grandchildren? Can you dedicate 6 months to become fluent by way of Nawapic? It’s a proven fact that within that timeframe any normal adult can learn a second language. No more excuses. Learn your tones so that our nation can begin to give birth to a generation who do not have an English mind but rather a Nawapian one. Register today at http://nuwaupic.online to learn what The Master Teacher started giving us over 20 years ago, the tones that will free us. Paa Nawapuyee Lah’aj. Help free Dr. York, the one who came to free us!

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