What I Feel Is An Injustice

My name is Eddie C Person Jr., as some of you know, the owner and creator of the In-Scent Factory located in the great state of Michigan. As young man of the age of 25 years old, I encountered a man selling incense on my block on the eastside of Detroit. He also had with him some books/scrolls authored by Dr. Malachi Z York. I read some of these scrolls and my life as a criminal begin to change. I sought out this brother. He lived in this amazing community of Muslims at the time called Ansaaru Allah.

My mother was always worrying about me being killed in the streets of Detroit because of how I lived my life. I begin studying under the leadership of Dr. Malachi Z York, which changed my life for the better. My mother was glad to see the change in my life under the guidance of Dr. Malachi Z York. His teachings of being the best one can be, knowing your potential as well as making a positive effect in your community has carried me to the ripe age of 50, owning not one but two business and giving back to our community.

I heard about the injustice of his 135 years sentence in disbelief. I began to seek out how I could help. After all, he has changed my life for the better. I begin to assist his legal team with the petition for clemency for Dr. Malachi Z York. We have asked others as well to bring this injustice to the attention of the public. Hear our voices of an outcry for the freedom of this great man who has aided our community and most of all, our children, our future. He has given so much to uplift our people and country for the betterment of all concerned. Now I ask you the readers of this article to also help in this great fight to stop injustice from killing an innocent man by signing the petition for clemency for Dr. Malachi Z York.

Sign the petition to Free Dr. York!!!