What I Can Say About Dr. York

Dr Malachi Z York; well what can I say about this “MAN”, plenty!
My name is Dale Constant/Harkhaf Hatap Harar. The first time I read one of Dr. York’s books, I was around 19/20 years old. Around 1993, a friend had a couple of his books; I think they were Mythology & Ourstory. In 1995 my uncle had a few at his house. One was something like UFO & Mystery Clouds.
Then in 1999, while driving my car, I happened to turn to a radio station that was having a talk about UFO’s, religion, Egypt etc. They mentioned The Holy Tablets.

A few weeks past. I took myself to the book shop they mentioned over the radio to purchase The Holy Tablets. After reading that book I thought who ever is the author, this person knows some stuff. I didn’t know how they knew this, but it did seem to make sense.

It was a little while after that I realized that the author of the first books back in 1993/95 was the same author of the Holy Tablets; I was blown away again. This is my story of how I came across this spiritual master/teacher in this journey of life.

He has turned my life a full 360° with his books. I went from doing criminal activity’s and living a unhealthy life style, to now owning a business, living a more healthy lifestyle and having a beautiful family. He has shown being that example of what true caring is; all he does is take good people and make them better. I know plenty people who have changed for the better due to his books.

I sincerely thank you Dr. Malachi Z York for your great work.
Who ever is reading this place help and sign the petition to free him for the love of ALL.

Your Brother
Harkhaf Hatap Harar


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