What Dr.Malachi York Has Done For Me

Greetings Peace and Divine Love everyone! What Dr.Malachi York has done for me wow! Man, it’s like we were destined to meet!

Growing up in Barbados I was the last grandchild. My grandmother raised my mother left the country when I was 4. So growing up my grandmother kept me in the house and would not let me play outside like the other kids. I would cry and ask her why I couldn’t go outside and play like everyone else. She told me they’re things in life more important than playing.

When I asked her what it was, she told me one day I’ll find out. I grew asking a lot of questions no one could answer. When I turned 19, my grandmother told me it was time to go to America. There I would find the one who would answer all my questions! Now in America, in the mid 80’s, I started seeing Dr. York’s posters everywhere, watching and following me. It felt like I knew him and he knew me.

Then one day on my way to work, a brother called out to me, “Hey fam, come and support black business.” So I purchased a few items he asked me if I ever read any of Dr. York’s books. I was like no. So he gave me one to read When I opened it, it was the same man on the posters, Dr.Malachi York! The book answered a lot of my questions and opened me up to a new world of comprehension. So I started to read more and more. Just like that, I stopped partying, stopped smoking weed.

My life was changing for the better. Next, the brother told me Dr. York teaches a class on Bushwick Ave. in Brooklyn. So I went and checked it out. I was blown away seeing the community. I loved the concept for, of, and by one another! Now in the class, someone asked a question and Dr. York answered it but he was not in the class. I got up looking around. This was the voice of the man my grandmother told me I would meet who would answer all my questions. She was right.

Now I’m a student of the MASTER TEACHER, the author of the most books on the planet. He is the builder of 3 great communities; Bushwick ave. Brooklyn, Jazir Abba upstate NY and Tamare Eatonton, GA. This is something no one else had never done. I met thousands of people from all over the world who Dr.Malachi York changed their lives for the better. He made them more constructive and productive members of society like myself.

I left school when I was 16 but now converse with college professors, business owners, government officials. The education I got from Dr. York, I can go anywhere, live and be productive. Dr. York, the MASTER TEACHER, has my utmost Respect, Loyalty and Dedication. I’m proud to be a student and help return our people to their state of nobility.

There’s no greater feeling than seeing someone wake up from the evil spell of ignorance thanks to Dr. York. I can see clearly and work hard to help good people become better. Dr.Malachi York, I have nothing but Love, Honor and Respect for you! You are my dream come true and I will forever defend your innocence because I know better and have the experience, proof, facts and evidence!!! May the Ancestors always watch over and protect you!!! Yours always and forever!


Asar Hedj Asar YAMASU LODGE #3