The Trip That Changed My Life

It was a trip to a bookstore in 1997 that changed my life forever. I was the tender age of nineteen (19) back then. Shortly after attending a class at that bookstore, I became a Nuwaupian. I began to study the science of Nuwaupu. Coming from a strong Christian background, I was very enlightened to learn about so many different cultures, including my own. It was through the literary works of Mr. Malachi York that I became aware of my purpose and how I could become an asset to society. I was highly intrigued by the accomplishments of Nuwaupians. I obtained the knowledge I needed in order to become my absolute best. Mr. York showed me the importance of growth and change. I studiously attended many of his classes and took heed to every word that came out of that man’s mouth. Over the years I befriended many other Nuwaupians and some of his children. However, it wasn’t until I spent time around his children and grandchildren, that I really felt the pain of not having Mr. York with us. I empathize with his children and grandchildren. My heart continues to ache for them. Even though my dad’s been deceased since 2014, I couldn’t imagine my dad still being alive, and not being around him for such a long period of time. It really broke my heart when there was a birth of a new baby or some other special occasion, and Mr. York wasn’t able to share in that experience.

Mr. York always stressed the importance of a strong family unit. He didn’t preach about it. He mentored us. He was, and still is our guide; an example of how a man should conduct himself as a husband, father, and friend. He shows us the value of women by treating women with love, honor, and respect. Mr. York has instilled in us values to where we understand how imperative it is for us to become productive and contributing members of society. He has always taught us to respect and adhere to the laws of the land in which we reside. Mr. York has placed grave emphasis on the proper upbringing for our children. We teach them to be as smart as they can. I must say the blueprint works very well. My eldest son is now an adult. He was raised within the Nuwaupian culture, and is an exceptional young man. He attends one of the most academically recognized high schools in Detroit. He has been instilled with the same values that his father and I learned from our parents, along with the lessons and teaching of Mr. York.

Many times while referring to Mr. York’s literary works, I was able to overcome many obstacles in my life to be able to move forward to my accomplishments. I have engaged in activities that help promote a more united world. I have learned to love all people. Mr. York showed me how to appreciate the differences of others, yet work with them for a common goal, despite of those differences. I teach my children to do the same.

Mr. York is special to me because at the lowest point in my life thus far, Nuwaupu saved me. Nuwaupu wrapped me up and blanketed me with love, knowledge, comfort, and support. Nuwaupu molded me. It fashioned me into a whole new person. I discovered aspects of my character that I never knew existed. I was always considered to be a brainiac. However, Nuwaupu intensified that. I came across as having a PhD in philosophy. When actually all I have is an associate equivalent. I do, however, have other credentials that earn me a pretty decent living. Nonetheless, as a Nuwaupian, I began to share my blessing and gifts with others. I have found that people all over the world love this man and will give him all the love and support he will need in the event of his release. I know that when Mr. York is reunited with loved ones, there will be an insurmountable amount of joy and happiness. To be able to embrace Mr. York once again, to be able to wrap our arms around him once more would restore so much life and love to our communities. Not only is he a caring, loving, and devoted father, Mr. York is an all-around good man. His compassion for humanity is unheard of.

Please Mr. President Barak Obama, consider an old man’s current health conditions, the fact that our entire community is regretfully distraught over this most unfortunate circumstance, and his moments left here on earth. Allow him the opportunity to be reunited with loved ones, please allow him to be able to continue the great works he has done for not only our wonderful country, but the world over. Mr. York has a profound positive impact on this world, and with the life he has left, our planet needs him to be free. I want to sincerely and humbly thank him for all he has done.



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