The Most Honorable Dr. York Made Me Think About My Future

Hi, I, Dallas Hallums, would like to start with saying it is a pleasure to write down the wonderful epiphanies and experience I have had in the 24 years studying under and knowing the most honorable Dr. York. In 1992, I read a book by Dr. York. It made me think about my future and my life at that time. I was getting in all types of trouble, in and out of jail. I had just had a newborn baby girl named Bonnie. And I knew from reading the book from Dr. York that I was more than what I was doing and the trouble I was getting into.

So friend of mine, Bryan Jones, had been reading and studying under Dr. York for years before me. So we started studying together. Then we went in business together vending T-shirts, hair barrettes, socks and other items on the streets of Philadelphia PA. That vending business help me a lot. I was not getting in trouble and at the same time I was supporting my new family. The friends I used to hang out with were all in jail serving years in prison.

Being around people who read and study under Dr. York, I turn out to be a productive citizen in my community. My mother and father told me they were very proud and pleased with my lifestyle. My brothers and sisters were happy with me owning a business because I stayed out of trouble and was able to help them financially when they needed it. I also provided employment for my family, friends and some young people in the neighborhoods I would do business in. The young people I help get employment and help them to adjust to obstacles in their lives thank me when I run across them in my daily travels.

Reading and studying under Dr.York I have traveled and lived in different states in America. I know others who have traveled the world, learning more about construction by building different types of building with very large groups of people from all over the world who also read and study books written by Dr.York.

I have been also a part of the charity work that Dr.York has done for the different diseases, raising money outside Walmarts, Supermarkets, and Mall areas, giving the money to the hospital. We also did coat drive’s in the fall for kid’s to be warm in the winter. And you drive’s for kid’s for the Christmas holidays. Dr. York has made such an huge impact on my life I refer to him as my father. It’s a pleasure to have known him much love and peace be to him.

Love, Dallas Hallums.