The Master Teacher Known As Dr. Malachi K. Z. York

The Master Teacher known to me most as Dr. Malachi K.Z. York helped me to think more about my actions and how my actions affects so many other people. I’ve learned to be more patient and understanding towards others. He taught me to channel all of this in a positive way to help and to care for others in this world. He guided me as well as many others on how to have a renewed partnership with myself. That in itself made me better prepared to establish friendships and partnerships with people of all races and nationalities and various cultural backgrounds.

As he is a guide to me I have become a guide to others. Henceforth, he has become a guide to us all. The key factor was realizing my own potential, tapping into that hidden unused potential and releasing it. There are gifts and talents that I’ve always had. Since being a student teacher of his I’ve been able to make improvements on them, in ways I’ve never thought possible. I’ve realized by putting a lot of what he taught to use that I make wiser decisions that are a benefit not only to myself but to others around me.

I used to be a shy quiet bashful person. Now I’m more energetic and outgoing. I’m no longer afraid to take on leadership rolls. And I have a healthy thirst for knowledge. I used to shy away from learning new things. Especially if they were seemingly difficult and complicated. That is no longer the case. I see the difference in myself and others whom seem to still be afraid of information and being informed. To them I make it look easy.

I’m thankful and grateful to have met Dr York. Because I have him to credit for all of this. Even when it comes to learning what others in my life have to teach me. I’ve learned to accept it and appreciate it. I’ve learned to use it and value it. His influence on me showed me that there are others to idolize other than rap stars and movie stars. People like himself who are educators teachers and lecturers. Not just athletes and entertainers.

In these days I write, create and think. I do not just hang out on the corners doing nothing. I participate and I contribute not just yell and scream about the issues. I focus on finding solutions and being a problem solver. I do not only complain with no purpose or plan in place. This I know sounds like a testimonial of my self to my self. In actuality it is a testimonial of Dr Malachi K. Z. York’s positive influence on the world.  His positive influence wasn’t only or solely due to just his teachings as any good parent does, he provided a place for us all to live, laugh, play and work in the name of our own culture.

He provided a safe haven. It was there that I met my first wife and I’ve been enjoying life with her ever since. It doesn’t mean everything is always good. It means that I’ve learned to take the good with the bad simply by learning from it moving on. It was from him that I learned that you make your own luck. I feel rewarded and blessed for all that I’ve been able to learn from him. Most importantly I feel chosen.

Because of him I feel special and unique amongst many and because of him I know that there’s more to come. Through knowing Dr. York I became a better father. I became a better husband. I became a better friend. I became a better person. I became a better man. I became who I am. I became what nature intended. I’m growing and becoming what God’s original plan was for me to become.

As a mother and father watches their children grow to become successful in this world. I also watched his Excellency change and grow to become hope for the world. I’ve learned the power of love and I’ve learned the meaning of love. Through Dr. Malachi K.Z York I’ve learned the power of working together. And I’ve learned the power of prayer. I’ve learned all is not always perfect or right in life. But I’ve learned how to learn from my mistakes. And I’ve learned how to correct it. I’ve learned how to become a vessel for positive energy.

By Gregory Williams aka Imakh Khredu’ankh