The Healing Teachings of Dr. York

Greetings, I was around 17-18 years old when I first encountered the healing teachings of Dr York. His words instantly pierced the veil of lies that separated me from my identity and purpose. It was one summer evening after hanging-out with some friends. We were travelling home and one of my friend’s started to describe some things about life. They sounded more profound and distinct than anything I had heard before and made absolute sense. When I asked him where was that information from he told me it was from a ‘Dr. York‘ book and that I could research who he was on the internet. I have since forgotten the title of the book but I still recall being deeply affected by what I heard that evening. All the way home I felt an indescribable relief that I had never felt before.

In hindsight, I am impressed that my friend knew such deep things about life at that age, because we both were your typical young people, completely absorbed by the images offered by western society. However from that evening to this very moment, Dr. York’s advice has encouraged me to strive to be a better person and make a difference in society.

You see, by the time I first heard of Dr. York, I had already acquired many negative habits and attitudes from my home, school and local environment. I really thought that I was someone important and was fully oblivious to the fact that I was responsible for my behaviors and part of a bigger picture. So I became very wayward from a young age and was bound for total self-destruction. Dr. York has taught me how to get up and improve my quality of life. Dr. York’s example continues to teach me responsibility, growth and care for self and others.

To whom it may concern, I request the immediate freedom of Dr. York, because the only crime that is proven to have been committed is his care for others at his own detriment.


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