The Being Who Saved Me

I live in Barbados, it was during the early 1980’s that I encountered the being Malachi York. Live in living scrolls! My brother introduced my sister and I to the teachings of Al Imaam Isa as Dr. York was called at the time. These were the teachings of Islaam in its pristine purity, through the then Ansaaru Allah Community, The Khimar and jalabiya era. So my sister and I donned the Khimar and my brother the Jalabiya. We read the scrolls and made Salat five times a day, following the tenets of Al Islaam. This was the beginning of a discipline, thanks to BaaBaa.

We would visit Deal Gardens in Christchurch because that’s where the community was at the time. And then I took the big step. The step to live there, I eventually mustered the courage to take her late one night and run. I know community living in the right way is best for us, The Nuwaup yasar. So as soon as we get that land and rebuild Tama-re, I will be singing like BaaBaa “Ain’t no stopping us now, were on the move!” The big move. Village life. Baabaa was teaching this for as long as I can remember. He was teaching us race pride, having our own land our our own flag, our own language.

And don’t get me started about the language because the Hieroglyphics is what we were studying when I returned to school.  Soon as I was taught I was out front and moving, conversing etc. A bit slow on the latest words now but I’m getting there. I love the language and for all those who said that BaaBaa made it up cause it can’t be verified it made me prouder of Our Master Teacher cause I know that this language was created specially for us. With our tones and sounds and vibrations and energies. Our 9 ether nature!. THANK YOU, Paa Nabab Yaananan!

As we moved on from school to school with the teachings of the great Master Teacher, I dropped out of school and regretted it. I later returned to his teachings on every subject. He answers questions the preacher and teacher couldn’t answer and throughout my journeys I would often say to myself and to others, “I give the Nadjar-u (overseers), thanks for sending BaaBaa’, Paa Nabab Yaanaan, Dr. Malachi York, Atum Re, Imaam Isa, Raboni Yashua, all the beings who stopped at the door of his mind, entered and left mines of jewels that he shared with us that restored our souls!

Our father, our friend, our brother, our husband, our listening ear, our giving hand. Without him I would’ve been used up and lost, so naive was I then. T’aweh’aat BaaBaa! So much! I know there is none like him. I look forward to meeting him, the one who kept me holding on. Some of us have had experiences while chanting in our meeting place. I remember a time we were chanting and I almost didn’t hear the chant toning down. Afterwards I was asked where was I and I said I was by the prison gates chanting.

Come on home BaaBaa, We love you! Come let us take care of you like you took care of us for so many years.

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