Thanks To Mr. Malachi York

My name is Pauline Punch, a wife, a mother of 6 children and a student of Mr. Malachi York. I’ve been a student of Mr. Malachi York for the past 30 odd years, after finishing school in 1986 didn’t had a clue about what to do next. There was nothing going on in my life, going spiritual baptized church, singing and clapping. That’s it. I needed more in my life.

I visited my eldest sister who was at that time in the community call the Ansaaru Allah /Muslim. Yes, you hear me, Muslim. So I started going there often, every holiday that came. Eventually I ended up staying and become a student of my new found teacher and guide, Mr. Malachi York. I listened to him answer various questions on all and any topics.

Mr. Malachi York has changed my life from then on. He explained the bible and broke down the Torah and the Book of Revelation. He answered many unanswered questions that I was so desperately looking for. I really enjoyed reading; I was really getting what I had yearning for. As the years went by, he took us through the many different schools of wisdom. To date, we have the right knowledge, actual facts and so much more.

I never put down and turned away from his teachings. There is no one who could liberate and elevate me to where I am today. He taught me things that I would have never known. My biological father, who passed away 16 years ago, wasn’t educated enough to teach me anything. In turn, he started to read Mr. Malachi York’s books and listen to his tapes and was inspired by his great works. By the time he started to read more of his books, he was getting ill and lost his fight at the age of 76yr. May his soul rest in peace.

Through many charitable works, Mr. Malachi York has motivated me to become a passionate volunteer in 3 different organizations in the UK:  the children society, YMCA and ARC, Asylum and refugee. I’m looking forward to building my own charity food shelter so desperate children can benefit from food and clothing. I’m doing some of that right now, buying toys in good condition to send back in my home country for the poor and needy. I have gained so much knowledge from him to pass on to my children to become good human beings in society, so they can pass on to the next generation.

I learned from him to freely give and freely receive. I learn to care. He always said to us love is the key. Thanks to Mr. Malachi York from the core of my heart for all his inspirational teachings and the dedication he has to me, as an individual is beyond any words can describe. He’s a good role model, a father who will answer any question without judging you, a brother. He is loved throughout the world. That’s why we really pleading for Mr. Obama to find it in his heart to release Mr. Malachi York, a frail and elderly father, grandfather, great grandfather, husband, brother, and teacher so he can live out his last days on this earth surrounded by his people. We all miss him and can’t wait for his return. We all learned to be humble and be patient. Peace and love to all. Peace and love to our brother Mr. Malachi York.


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