Tama-Re, The Place I Met Dr. Malachi Z K York

My name is Sinclair Cole. I was born on April the 28th 1988. I came into the information by Dr. Malachi Z K York in the late 90’s, introduced to my mother by way of my uncle Dennis Liverpool. At the time I was still a young child but was very aware of the information that changed my life forever. I visited Tama-Re which was in Atlanta, Georgia area in 1998 were I saw the great works of the master teacher Dr Malachi Z York also known as Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn. I was so amazed to see our nation unified with Love on this wonderful land called Tama-Re. There were Pyramids, Sphinx’s, Obelisks & and many great statues of our Ancestors.

I was very fortunate to meet the master teacher, Dr Malachi Z York several times on the land of Tama-Re and even spoke to him in our ancient tongue at the time called Nubic. I was quite fluent speaking Nubic. I was able to speak other languages fluently in school such as Spanish and French.

My whole journey from back then to now has really changed my life, to understand the spiritual science that we as Nuwaupian’s practice daily. Laws of nature, reasoning anything that we encounter, experiencing things that you cannot see with the naked eyes. The information has rapidly transformed my mind mentally, physically and spiritually to an advance state of consciousness that I am able to achieve anything I want or put my mind to.

Concentration, meditation and chanting are what I have practiced for many years and that has gotten me through all situations good and bad. If it was not the for information that the master teacher has provided and given us as a nation I really don’t know where I would be in life right now.

You’re sincerely

Sinclair Cole