Street Love Or Divine Love From Dr. Malachi Z York

I, Phillip Lodge aka Neb Ankh Wah Unas, the eternal golden one, the first; this name given to me by who I refer to as The Master Teacher out of divine love, simply because of all the scrolls that have been translated by him, all the pamphlets that have been published by him, and all the books that have been written, all the scriptures that have been explained, broken down to the last element and transliterated, made clear, enough to make the meek dumbfound the wise or a street person wake up and smell the coffee, and intelligently question the so-called pastors, preachers, imams, and so on and so forth! A regular “Joe Shmoe “, a person who didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with myself, came across a person a person dressed up in all white pushing Paa Nabab Yaananan’s literature.

Back then he was known as a few different titles, which I learned more and more about. They were pretty much the same, just in different languages. Imam Isa, Amunnubirooakhptah, Dr. Malachi Z. York, just to name a few. The first book I read was, “Who do people say I am”… At this time I was knee deep into the streets, the street life, so the book didn’t do much, but it did peak my interest.

But needless to say I still went about my life in the streets. As a result, I was locked up for 6 mos. During that time I had time to sit and think about what I wanted to do with myself. Did I really want to be a career criminal or try to change my life into becoming a better individual? I was in a relationship with 1 step child and a newborn…

I ended up going to hear lectures by brothers from the Nation of Islam. I even found myself reading a book by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, entitled “Message to the Black Man”. That too peaked my interest I suppose. Being incarcerated, I was surrounded by Muslims mostly from the Nation of Islam. I received a letter from my mom after I wrote to her stating that I was on this path to truly better myself and find out who I really am, my true roots and identity.

Her letter shocked me because her being a devout Christian most of her life she wrote me talking about how we no longer had to do certain things, or pray certain ways, using certain names that most Christians are accustomed to. So I thought that she had joined the Nation of Islam. I wrote her back and asked, ” Ma, you got down with the Nation of Islam?” She wrote me back stating, “No son Amunnubi Rooakh Ptah! Farrakhan ain’t got nothing on him!” He doesn’t speak Arabic and he worships a pale man/messiah type figure, and then claim that the white man is the devil, and give us a hogwash story about how Allah knew that we don’t or weren’t going to listen to our own kind so he had to come as a half black man and half white man.


When you look at the picture of Master Fard Muhammad, he appears to be strictly white, no Nubian features. Unlike Dr. Malachi Z. York, who is the dark, like my grandfather who has made himself available to the public for decades, many years, live lectures and plenty of question and answer classes, unlike Farrakhan. Dr. York always said “don’t believe me, check it out.”

After a few encounters with the brothers from NOI, I still went to the Million Man March and my mom even went to one of his lectures, and gave me some of tapes. That pretty much was the final straw for her. She said she didn’t want to get preached to she wanted to get taught. There was no time where she could ask any questions. SHE WAS DONE! I tried to share the information with my significant other to no avail. I was SO EXCITED, I finally knew what direction I wanted to go, and NO, ALL I got was “OH YOU A MUSLIM NOW?”

My Friend’s View

Even friends said I was crazy when talking about all the things I was learning from reading Dr. Malachi’s books. I was absolutely sure I was on the right track, but I got so much flak from those closest to me. I was ready to marry. I worked two jobs and before I knew it I was back on the block, I guess I couldn’t handle the stress. I ended up back in the penitentiary, South Bay Correctional facility, for the second time, another 6 mos. This time I knew I had to make up my mind before I got out. I never wanted to come back.

Reading the books and seeing the Nuwaupian brothers at their tables make their money selling their incense and oils but mainly their books, answering questions that anyone could ask them at any time they were there, at their designated locations at multiple T stations or wherever in the neighborhood that they saw fit inspired me. My mom and I met the same guy called “Bunn”.

My Mother’s Questions Answered

He answered lots of my mom’s questions about religion that the pastors never could. That within itself was a confirmation for me. My mom was a devout Christian, you couldn’t tell her nothing about her Jesus. I got out of jail in 1996. Dr. York, Malachi Z.York wrote “The Mind” book and the “Potential” book and those books helped me out a lot because what he said was “this is a do it yourself kit”. I know he has made reading a lot more interesting. There is a saying, “Anything you want to hide from a black person, put it in a book…”

Well that spell has been broken!

So you want to know who is Dr. Malachi Z. York to me…??? Well ,he simply is the savior that everyone was waiting for, but gave us the do it yourself guide for Mentally, Physically, Spiritually, and Financially along with globally and nationally the ability, information onto outformation to heal and SAVE OURSELVES… A’ASHUQ, DIVINE LOVE IS A VERB. LET US SHOW IT!!!