Right Knowledge Beyond College

My name is Lakhbir Singh Chungh. I live in Southampton, England. I was born in England but my parents came over from India in the sixties. Both my parents are illiterate and I went to school up until the age of sixteen but gained no significant qualifications. When I was younger I had never read a book from cover to cover. Around seven years ago I came across a book written by Dr. Malachi York and after reading a few pages I thought “this makes a lot of sense” I could not put it down and I think it is the first book I had read from cover to cover. This was at the age of thirty nine.

I then started reading more of Dr. York’s books and am always fascinated at the content. He always comes with something new and original. He has taught me to question everything and to look at things from every angle. Through Dr. York’s books I have found myself gaining more knowledge in a vast array of subjects including science, mathematics, geography, geology, geometry, history and so on.

My children read Dr. York’s books and are also very knowledgeable about the world we live in and are straight A students. I often converse with university lecturers and PhD students and they are blown away with the questions and knowledge I have. They ask if I am a professor and how I know so much on a broad spectrum of subjects and I tell them about Dr.York.

After reading so many books by Dwight York I came to learn that he was in prison. I then started reading about the case and it did not take long to see a case of miscarriage of justice. There have been a few in the UK over the years. The Paul Blackburn and the Eddie Gilfoyle case are some that spring to mind.

Malachi York’s books have helped me improve myself in lots of ways and are teaching my family to improve themselves too.

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