Rev. Dr. Malachi Z York Plays A Major Role In My Life

I’d first like to write that Rev. Dr. Malachi Z York is a very AMAZING man. He has extraordinary insight and vision. I’ve seen him push others, including myself, until they reach their highest capabilities. Capabilities that the person, themselves, didn’t realize they had.

He is a realist and if he knows you can handle it, he will pull no punches. He is the very reason that I’m able to look at life in a non-judgmental, non-religious, common sense kind of way. Because of him, I have a very strict work ethic, and I learned to effectively write. I also learned A LOT about myself, however that is an entirely different essay lol.

When I moved into the Brooklyn community in 1980, I was a 24 year old child. It is to Doc, that I owe all of my common sense, intellect, skills, etc. He literally raised me all over again.

Shortly after I moved in, I was assigned to the Mailroom. There were literally thousands of mail that needed to be answered every day. Much of the correspondence came from prisoners from all over the world, not just in the U.S. We in the mailroom would answer their letters and send them books, free of charge of course.

I enjoyed my job assignment in the Mailroom, however I wanted to be nearer to the Master Teacher. I realized that if I wanted to be in his presence always, I needed to work on something that he is passionate about – THE BOOKS.

I eventually was able to be assigned to Publications.

One day, all of the sisters in the bayt (house) were laughing and talking with him on the intercom.  All the living quarters had intercoms (audio) so that we could communicate between the houses. When I walked up. I didn’t say anything, I was just listening. Then Doc (as we also called him) said a joke and we all were laughing. Next thing I know, he says, “I hear you Dhubaida” (yeah, that use to be my name also). I WAS IN SHOCK!…couldn’t speak at first. He then asked me where I worked. By that time, my job assignment had changed and I was working with the RN’s with the children. (No, I have no medical background; I and another sister mainly did the administrative tasks and the running around). So when I told him where I worked, he informed me that I could no longer work at that job assignment because I had no medical background. So boom… that was my opportunity to ask about working in his office.

When I started working in Publications, we really did not see the Imaam a lot. He was travelling a lot.

Then one day, Doc took the time to come into the office. We were delightfully surprised.

He walked over to each typewriter, (We had graduated to electric typewriters by then, lol) checking out what each of us was working on. Many of the books were on Islaamic topics because we were in the Islaamic school of thought at that time.

He finally started talking to us about the books and giving us pointers. He said the people must be able to feel his presence when reading the books. The books we were working on, he said, “people are going to know that these books are not from me”.

Little did we know, that Al Imaam Isa was returning fulltime; and to our delight, we started seeing him everyday.

The key… He dictated all of the scrolls. We transcribed everything he said verbatim, and then, because he is so thorough, we research many of his reference points, and find pictures, illustrations and diagrams to match the subject. By the time all that is done, you have a full book. We had to complete the book before we gave it to him to proof. When you received the book back from him, every white space was filled with red writing and arrows pointing to where you should put this paragraph; or find that picture; or translate this word, etc.

We had to stay on-call in Publications all night, just in case he came out with new information (Something he often did). We had to be ready to transcribe, type it up and get it back to him, so that he could expound on it.

So again I must say, Dr. Malachi Z. York, played (and is still playing) a very major role in my life. Had it not been for him, I don’t know if I would even be alive right now.


Marguerite Drayton

Ptah Warut Hutiptat


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