Personal Experience With Malachi York

Every time Malachi York drove by a cemetery or graveyard he said he could hear the tormenting souls calling out to him. It disturbed him because there was nothing he could do for them. After the construction and before the grand opening of the new masjid, he had to exorcise the demons and evil spirits out of it before allowing anyone inside. He was many hours in there. It was a very long and tiresome night for him.

One evening Malachi York, Al Qubt at that time, invited some sisters to witness a sufi chant inside the masjid. He told us we had to sit quietly in the back. When we got there he was sitting in front of the qiblah, which was decorated with very small and colorful mosaic tiles. There were brothers sitting there with him in a circle. They started to chant in unison and it was beautiful. As the energy picked up, they started to rock back and forth. Then they started rocking a little faster as they chanted. The energy got intense. Malachi York, Al Qubt was rocking faster than the brothers. He was rocking so fast he was blending in with the colorful mosaic tiles, like a blur with a splash of color. It was a remarkable experience!

On Friday brothers, sisters, and the children would gather inside the beautiful masjid for Juma’a. Malachi York, who was Imam Isa at this time, would give a khutbah (sermon) and lead prayer. This particular Friday when he came in he was moving so smoothly he was gliding. The khutbah (sermon) was of the green light pendant. He told us to close our eyes, imagine a green light, and feel the warmth of the green light. Then take that green light and put a chain on it like a pendant. Then swing the pendant back and forth like a pendulum. Put on the pendant and wear it when you are being good. Take it off if you are going to do something bad. Only those that are good can wear it.

One morning at the Backstreet Office in Brooklyn, Malachi York, Imam Isa came to the publications/layout department. He told us that he was Melchisedek and that he knew what our fate was but could not tell us, only prepare us.

I was very fortunate and blessed to be a part of the Children’s Summer Camp at Jaazir Abba, in Upstate, New York. Children as well as brothers and sisters from other masajids were invited. It was wonderful watching the children enjoy Mother Nature at her best and all the surprises Baba had for them. They were all dressed in colorful attire and when playing together you could hear their laughter and joy.

When we were living in Nubia at Upstate, New York, every morning Malachi York, Rabboni: Yashu’a at that time would go walking. Anyone who wanted to go would walk with him. One morning a few of us were a little late and he had left already. Because we could see him, we decided to go and catch up with him and the group. I was walking as fast as I could, but I was not getting any closer. Either Malachi York noticed me lagging behind or someone mentioned it to him.

The group continued walking as he waited for me to catch up. When I reached him, I could not catch my breath like when I had asthma. He told me to relax and breathe in through my nose, and out through my mouth, so my chest could expand and diaphragm is able to take in more air to help with my breathing. He then picked up two small rocks from the ground and gave them to me to hold in each hand as we started walking. By now, the group had slowed down and we caught up with them. Holding the rocks and breathing properly made me feel energized and was no longer struggling to breathe.

It was in Nubia where we had our first Prophets and Angels Day and Children’s Day. Malachi York’s biggest concern has always been to “save the children”, to teach the children from a young age the importance of learning and studying, so they can be confident and be the best they can be. It was important for us to have our own Nuwaupian version of the holidays so the children would not be distracted and be able to enjoy being whom, and what they are, Nuwaupian children.

One day there were a few sisters and some of the Banats (female adolescents) at Malachi York’s, Baba’s inner office at the Publications and Layout building, in Nubia. We were sitting on the floor. The lights were dim and Baba, who was Rabboni: Y’shua at that time was sitting on a bench. He was talking to us normally and then his voice started to change as well as his eyes and facial expression. His eyes turned red and his face was sad. Then he went on to say that he was seeing red, blood, much bloodshed, many people dying and much death. He said that you could be waiting to cross the street, and the person standing next to you could be shot dead.

When we were in Tama-Re, Egipt of the West, Malachi York, Atum-Re had a desk in the publications/layout office and on the wall next to his desk hung a calendar. One day he came to the office and wrote “Doomsday” next to December 12, 1996 A.D. “What does that mean?” we asked. “I just wrote that on the calendar, so that when it happens, the next thing I tell you, you will believe me.”

Being that his desk and calendar was next to the spiral staircase, every time we used the spiral staircase, “Doomsday” would be staring at us. When December 12, 1996 A.D. had approach, the day was going fine as usual. Until shadow hour came. I was still in the office working on my project at that time and there was another sister across from me. All of a sudden, there was a loud crashing sound with a forceful shake. I screamed. It felt like the building was going to fall. Minutes later, one of the Banats came to the office. Atum-Re wanted to know if everyone was alright. He told us that the whole planet had shaken, and a major disaster would begin all over the world.

The most joyous and peaceful experiences for me has been living in Tama-Re, Egipt of the West. When our group arrived there the land was a massive field of tall beautiful green grass, a tennis court, two houses, a silo, a shed, a pavilion and two lakes. It was wonderful seeing Baa Baa taking a break from work and playing tennis. Everybody there had a responsibility and job to do. Like always, Baa Baa made it enjoyable and fun.

He already had a vision of what Tama-Re, Egipt of the West was going to look like. He would quickly sketch and then explain what he had in mind, and the brothers and sisters there were all involved. The brothers worked in the field and with the constructions of all the sites. Some sisters worked in the office with the books, layouts and artwork, while others were at the house or silo sewing and home-schooling and taking care of the children.

One afternoon the sisters there at that time sat in a circle outside of Malachi York’s trailer, where he was staying while one of the houses was being renovated. On that day he told us he was from the planet Rizq. He went into details and that’s how the book “Man From Planet Rizq” came about. He was sent to us to warn us, to prepare us for what’s to come. It was amazing and an honor to be there and witness the magnificent things Malachi York has done. He created Tama-Re, Egipt of the West and was the energy motivating us to make his visions come alive.

Because of his unconditional love, because of his hospitality, because of his generosity, because of his kindness, because of his trust, because of his compassion, he gave us this beautiful land with a peaceful and intellectual way of life. He gave us chants, prayers, rituals, our own language, so we can worship and thank our ancestors who love us and watch over us. He gave us a supreme knowledge based on facts not fiction, so we can save our souls. Only he can do that because everything he did and continues to do is not for him but for the people he loves.

Evelyn Rivera

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