Nawapians Are One Blood

In the face of all that is wrong with this world and this planet, HOW do we as true Nawapians maintain?! WHAT keeps us smiling and going strong knowing that better days are ahead not only for us, but for our children? WHEN we stopped believing and began knowing, we also began our journey to real freedom. WHERE do we come from? Well that depends on who you ask. We are worldwide, all races, but we are one blood. WHY are Nawapians steadfast and firm in our culture? WHY can we not not be moved? WHY do we not fall for the lies of religion nor appeal to the corrupt to check their own corruption? Because OUR WAY,  cannot be touched by lies. It is pure and it is fact of fact. We know. And when one knows, one has no need for faith and belief. WHO are we? We are students and student teachers of Dr. Malachi Z. K. York. Master of Heaven and Earth.

Many things are said about Dr. York, his children, his followers and our way. The fact is, none of it matters. Even for those who are religious, was not their “Jesus” slandered, mocked, tested then eventually killed? They killed their own God in the flesh who was born as his own son…so the story goes. This story nor his existence cannot nor has ever been proven.  Nawapians have nothing to prove because we are not a sect of opinions and belief. We are not theorists dealing in theory yet to be proven. Look at what is happening around you. Do you see who is sitting in the White House right now? Are you paying attention to the weather anomalies? Nawapians are. And all that our Master Teacher, Paa Nabab Yaa-Nanan said would come to pass is indeed ushering in like a tsunami.

As Nawapians, we observe these things as signs and act accordingly. We are one mind and one blood. We are “yasar” which in our language, Nawapuyee, means “sticky”, “family” because we stick together. The faithful and the true are Paa Nabab Yaa-Nanan’s real family. From the unnatural nature of this current president to the natural disasters, all is in all and happens because it is supposed to. Where many see chaos, Nawapians see it as balance. The pendulum swings both ways…There is reason within what may seem unreasonable. Nawapians have peace when others do not because of the facts we were and are given by Dr. York. He is the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why we are still here and going strong.

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