My Journey With Dr York, A Change For The Better

My journey with Dr York started around 1990, I had this real urge like many of us do to find out who I was, my ancestry and life purpose, etc.  I has been raised in church as a Seventh Day Adventist from around age of 5 years old but when I got to my teenage years and was not longer forced by my Mum to go I stopped attending.  While it instilled a strong of morality and opened me up to spirituality when looking at the positives, it left me void of my cultural identity.

Growing up even though I had an African name and rich heritage (uncovered much later in life), the ridicule I received throughout my early life caused me to be ashamed of that side of my culture.  I decided to pray for answers to help to fill this void at the time and all I knew was Jesus.  I would have to say it is one of the sincerest things as a request that I have ever done in my life to date being void of ego.

I could count those pure moments of absolute clarity in my life on less than one hand.  I used to work for a large supermarket chain stacking shelves in the evening so it was easy to work and talk.  Anyway, I met a person named Shaun we hadn’t really spoke before other than the customary nod of the head greeting, but we got into a conversation about culture and black history and he knew so much about Malcolm X, Garvey, and other cultural information.

So, I was curious to find out more so he invited me to a class in Oval, South London and I went and met the teacher called Ismail and he started to breakdown this knowledge.  I was so intrigued and ending up buying an audio cassette (remember those days) from them called ‘Who and What Are You?’ and the teacher allowed me to borrow a book from their library called the ‘Sons of Canaan’.

On the cassette was a class by Imaam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi aka Dr Malachi K. Z. York and it blew me away not, only was it the multi-faceted content but because it was questions and answers format and the fact that he was giving quotes as references was different to anything I had heard before.   Equally it was the same for the book, this style of providing the quotes and references to go and look things up and check things out really resonated with me.

One of the key things that stood out was the statement to always read with an open mind.  I quickly gravitated to Dr York as an author and teacher and immersed myself in the knowledge learning about, other religions and cultures as well as my own, discipline, health, science, and so much more as part of the journey of self-improvement.

More importantly Dr York gave me a method and approach to help resolve problems complex and simple, something that I took into my professional career in social housing where I won many awards transforming the lives tenants using the principles gained from Dr Malachi Z. K. York literature and classes; both visual and audio.

I met Dr York on couple of occasions and one thing that stood out was his positive mental attitude even in the face of adversity. a trait which I reflect in my own life as best as I can.

I remember in 1999 sitting in the audience at a class on our land Tama-Re in Eatonton, Georgia and seeing the great black historian Dr Leonard Jeffries on the main stage teaching, I wondered how he must have been feeling; having read, studied and dedicated much of his natural life reading about the achievements of African peoples.

As from his vantage point on the stage he would have seen in the background of the audience a massive black pyramid, a gold looking pyramid, an obelisk, the back of a sphinx and an array of statues and other monuments, living proof that we were and are those master builders.

I remembered hearing the pride in his voice as he spoke, Tama-Re was like that a real family oriented, amazing place and the vision of Dr Malachi K. Z. York realised for the benefit of 1000’s of people all over the world.  Dr York’s legacy to date is phenomenal in helping us to realise our potential and achieve greatness in the image and after the likeness of those who came before us, who created the many wonders of this world that have withstood the test of time

I just finished teaching a free class for members of the public here in England on 04 December 2016 it was called the Lost Records of Time a book authored by the Dr M. Z.K. York.  I reflect as I watched the amazement on audience members faces as I taught them about how the seasons work on our planets, planetary phenomena such as precession, conjunctions both superior and inferior, quantum physics, biology, how time works?

How the ancients recorded time and wonders of the star map in Denderah and much much more, backed up with reference diagrams, videos etc., taking question after question all from information contained in this single book.   This is a testament to the works of Dr York as a world renown author and teacher, such accolades are reserved for the few but in his case when you look at the body and impact of his work in eliminating ignorance, which only aids to bring down the barriers that separate people, you have to say it is well deserved.

I have been doing this kind of voluntary work for over 20 years because of Dr York travelling all over the United Kingdom, having been on the BBC, and other radio stations and media, eliminating that void that I felt growing up here in the U.K. where so much of Africa’s contribution to the human existence and experience has been lost.

In being in service to others, you appreciate even more the dedication and sacrifices that go into teaching and developing people and helping them to fill that void to making themselves better in fulfilling their potential.  Dr York is a living example of selflessness, dedication and love in action and a profound teacher and prolific author, even now he has not stopped caring.  The world will be a better place with Dr Malachi K. Z. York as a free man, getting the medical care he needs after spending all his adult life in the service of others.


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  1. kaue sherman says:

    I want to thank you for these encouraging words, about the Master teacher. Its so refreshing to hear your testimony and the great work that you are doing to up lift the good news here in these trying times. I to wondered and was curious as a child to hear of information related to the so called African American story. I want to share with you the moment I came to hear one of the names of the creator; I was filled with what seem like exhilaration and an overall effervescence of joy. I was so excited that . The first week I was home from college I told every one that would listen to me what I had heard. I believe my souls reaction was the confirmation that this was the truth. I want you to continue to carry the call of the Mahadi.

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