My Journey With Dr. Malachi Z K York


My name is Renpet Shepses Amunet (Raquel Mixon) and my journey of learning, mental and spiritual development as a result of the teachings given to us by our beloved Master Teacher started almost 27 years ago in 1989. I was a young woman with no children as I started learning about our culture as original people on the planet which also led to me reclaiming and living it. I know now how important that foundation was for me as I became a mother instilling our culture in my children. This gave me the opportunity to have the best start at motherhood and raise my children to know their roots and to be sound minded, intelligent, productive members of society.

I first went to one of the classes taught by our Master Teacher in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, NY and have continued since then. As someone who was born and raised in Brooklyn it was very clear the positive and necessary impact he made in the Bushwick community. He was highly respected and admired and as a result of his teachings and works, that area of Brooklyn was restored and he also received recognition from the city during that time.

The teachings of our doctrine spanned every topic relative to life; spirituality, religion, science, history, math, and philosophy to name a few. I have personally witnessed him answer every question presented to him in decades of teaching. Someone of this caliber and knowledge is definitely needed to for the continued advancement of humanity. He has always taught that the mission is about restoring the planet and all who live on it. So his statement “No one wins the race in racism” is a seed that was planted deeply into the hearts of all of us who are his true students. He has impacted people from all over the world of all races and we all support his works and assist in the mission of helping humanity. Several of us have also taken it upon ourselves to implement the example he has shown us by opening bookstores and teaching as well. Additionally, he encouraged me as a woman to stand up again and teach which is really groundbreaking as religion doesn’t support women teaching. A few years after hearing him state that we should teach I began teaching our language class, then progressed and added on teaching our general question and answer class which followed the same format and structure of how he taught. It’s really very natural and logical for women to teach on more levels considering that women are the life bearers and first teachers as he has reminded us.

I have personally assisted in every effort to bring our Master Teacher out of prison because I see the bigger picture. Because of the humanitarian he is there are people virtually everywhere, including myself, who love, honor, and deeply respect him and support his release collectively  ready, willing and able to assist him in any way that’s needed.


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