My Introduction to Right Knowledge

In 1996, I was introduced to Right Knowledge by my mate at the time. When I would visit, I would notice the various books he had lying around. I believe the first book (scroll) I picked up to read was What Is God’s Language? From then I went from scroll to scroll until I read every one there. I was so intrigued by not only the information, but by my desire to want more; and to know Dr. York, who we referred to as Pops.

My way of thinking began to alter and I started going to Out-formation classes. We (including my two sons) would attend classes regularly and became really involved; learning the language and attending classes for Supreme Mathematics. In 1997, we attended Savior’s Day on the land in Eaton, Ga. (Tama-Re). One pyramid was built at that time, and I was so amazed at the amount of land, and it’s landscape; and amount of people who came together in love. There was so much peace in the atmosphere. This was also the first encounter I experienced with Pops.

I remember when we were about to have a volleyball tournament and Pops was asking everyone who wanted to play. Everyone around me was yelling and jumping around saying “Pops pick me, me”. I was just standing there looking at him; and he looked at me and said, “You want to play?” And I did, and had a great time. Our team lost, which means we won.  This was also the first physical encounter my 8-year old son had with Pops as well. My son wanted to ask Pops a questions, but he was surrounded by guards and so many people so my son’s voice couldn’t be heard. Then my son yelled, “I just wanna ask Pops a question.” Pops heard him and took him by his hand and said, “What do you want to ask me son?” My son asked, Who is the mother of the mother of the mother; and Pops answered, “Mother Nature is the Mother of All Mothers”.

We returned to visit Tama-Re for the following two years for Savior’s Day; and each year more was built on the land, including a second pyramid and a store. The land always felt so safe. My kids were able to play and explore without me being so worried about harm coming to them. While on the land, we would attend Pop lectures, enjoy entertainment, and interact with other families, but all as one family.

Being a Nuwaupian has encouraged me to enhance my personal knowledge. I had been attending college off and on for years before becoming a Nuwaupian. In 2008 I decided to return to college, and see it through. I obtained my BS in Criminal Justice and Administration and then went on to receive my MS in Psychology.

Being a Nuwaupian, we are taught Sound Right Reasoning, and this type of thinking helped me to see life in a different perspective, as well as how I interpret information. My mental capacity was widened, allowing me to better maintain information and focus on my advancement, mentally, spiritually and physically. I attribute my personal advancement to me because that is the knowledge that was dormant within. However, I attribute the ability to incite that dormant knowledge to Pops (Dr. York). I thank Him and I am forever Grateful to Pops for his knowledge, sacrifices, and dedication to us all. I look forward to Pops being released from that prison and living amongst his tribal family.