Malachi York, The Healer


Dr. Malachi York has been a big influence in my life. I joined the movement in 1988 and I met Dr. York in 1989 and became a student under his teachings of learning of self. I am proud to say that I have 27 years under the teachings of this great man. When I met him in person we talked about my struggle with dyslexia and he stated one of his famous quotes that “If you take what I have to give you then you will be sitting among the educated ones”.

I became a supervisor in the Federal government soon thereafter. Since becoming one of his students I have become a more confident person that can see myself as the person that I am supposed to be. I have become a complete person. I have gone through his teachings and it has helped me deal with my dyslexia. Since becoming a supervisor I have worked my way from a WS-01 to WS-06. Not only that I was critical in the effort of helping Walter Reed Army Medical center prepare for the influx of wounded warriors that came back from the Gulf War in the 1990s and the Iraq war in the 2000s. I was in charge of Ward 57 which was a critical ward at the time. It was a very stressful time for the hospital and I was able to do my part with confidence and minimal stress.

I feel that I was well prepared for this mission due to the guidance of Dr. York, The Master Teacher. I now have moved on to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and I am in charge of the linen department for the hospital. I feel I have accomplished all this under the teachings of Dr. York and his school of thought. I will continue to practice the teachings of this great man, this great teacher. I have no doubt that he has changed my life for the absolute better and will continue to expect great things as long as I am connected to him. This is the reason we need him out of confinement so he will be to able to help as many people as possible. I know he is able to change someone else’s life as he has changed mine.

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