Malachi York Cured So Many People – Part 3

Before the construction became the masjid, it was first a huge tent and then it was a pavilion. There we prayed had our family meetings, entertainments, and celebrations. At that time, I was working on The Ansaar Village Bulletin at 709 with Husnaa. I had developed a rash all over my body. I was itchy, pink, and uncomfortable. Husnaa mentioned it to Malachi York. He suggested I take a break from work, go, take a bath with Epsom salt, and then go skating. “Skating?” I asked. “I don’t know how to skate,”

I told Husnaa. “Well, go anyway. You need a break from work,” she said. After the bath, I went to the pavilion. When I got there, brothers and sisters were all skating and having fun. After falling, laughing, and getting up several times I decided to sit down with some of the sisters and watch. When Malachi York came in the music got louder, and from there on it was incredible watching him dance, jump, fly and soar like an eagle with his skates on. After a while, I left and went home. I had a great time. By then the itching and the rash was gone.


Throughout the years Malachi York has cured so many people. He has cured brothers and sisters with palsy, bleeding disorders, cancers, and serious wounds. He can look at the person, see what is wrong, and tell them. If the person trusts him, he can cure them. He can cure with his hands or touch, with his eyes and spiritual encounters like those that he did with the sister Samiyra (Sandra Samad) when she was in the hospital.

He also has cured me in many occasions. My project at this time was lettering “The Raatib” in calligraphy. Somehow, I developed an infection on my pinkie finger making it difficult to hold the pen. Malachi York, Imam Isa at that time noticed it and subtly said, “If you take an aspirin, mash it, and turn it into a paste it will draw out the infection.” When I went home, I did what he suggested. I could feel the aspirin paste pulling out the infection as the paste was turning green.  It was a restless night. The next morning as soon as I got to the office and saw him I showed him the pinkie and said, “You healed me! You healed me!” He smiled and then left.

At another time I was working at the basement at the 709 building. My project at this time was lettering in calligraphy some parts of the Sons of the Green Light pamphlets. Again, I had developed another infection on one of my fingers but this time it was on my left hand. The finger was red, swollen, throbbing, and stiff. Malachi York, who was Al Qubt at that time, came to see the progress of our projects. There were only two other sisters working there at that time because this was a special project. They were Qitaurah, responsible for the mailroom, Imani who was doing the artwork for the pamphlets and I was doing the lettering in calligraphy.

When we saw him, we were so excited to see him. He was dressed in his Sufi, Sons of the Green Light attire and had what looked like dhikr (prayer) beads in one of his hands. He greeted us warmly and then went to look at what Imani was working on. Then he came to me and saw I had a lemon and garlic on the desk and asked me if I had a cold. I said no just another infection on my finger. I lifted my hand so he could see it better. He intensely looked at it and then raised his hand, the one without the dhikr (prayer) beads over my hand, and within minutes, the sacred ash was pouring over my whole hand.

For a moment, I was in shock watching the ash pouring out of his fingers. It felt so soft and cool especially on the infected finger. I looked down and the sacred ash had streamed down my arm, my lap, and desk. When I looked up Al Qubt was gone. Imani and Qitaurah were so amazed they kept saying, “You got the sacred ash! You got the sacred ash”! The next day my finger was not red, throbbing, or swollen anymore, and I could bend it. The finger had healed. Whenever I think about this experience, I can still feel the coolness and softness of the sacred ash touching my hand.


Malachi York would often show us the 1973 Sci-Fi Movie “Soylent Green” with actor Charlton Heston. It tells the story of New York in the year 2022. Soylent Green was people. He was letting us know that people will actually be eating other people and may not know it. He also told us that there would be food genetically modified with organisms (GMO). He also told us about the Zombies.

Many of the predictions that he wrote in all the Leviathan publications since the early 1960’s, as well as in the publication The Year 2000 And What To Expect have come to pass and are continuing to happen. He told us about the One World Order and the Marshal Law and the military would be taking over cities. He had pictures, illustrations of what the stealth and drones would look like, and how drones would be attacking civilians.

He told us about the Eye Scanners to be use as a form of identification and the microchip implants used to track people and animals. By 2017, new medical microchips will be implanted delivering drugs and routine birth control through wireless communications. He told us that one day it would be too dangerous to send the children to outside schools. It would be better to homeschool them.

Evelyn Rivera

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