Listen As If Your Soul Depends On It

My name is Abdul Haleem I am 69 years of age and I have been walking with Dr. Malachi Z York for the past 42 years, from 1974 to this day. I came to know Dr. Malachi Z York when he visited my home country in 1974. That was his second visit, he had visited 1 year before in 1973 I was not fortunate to meet him then but some of my brothers whom I fellowship with informed me of his visit, what they relayed to me was fascinating. They said this young Sudanese brother teaching with such eloquence, this was amazing. So this brother in particular Abdul Haqq gave me a newsletter and as I was skimming through the pages I saw his picture and I said to him I would like to meet and follow this man. He said to me that he had just left about 1 month earlier for NY. What I saw in this picture held my attention for a few minutes. It seems as though I had met him before and knew him, so when he returned in 1974 I was ready, we build a masjid and he gave the khutbah ( sermon). It lasted from 1-5pm, there were about 45 people present. While this was going on there was a man working a lawn mower across the street so you had to listen closely. In an explanation, he said that the most high is swift and with the word swift the lawnmower went dead and Dr. York said, “did anyone notice anything?” We said “yes”. The room was silent, you could hear a pin drop. The guy, try as may, the mower never came back on. I learned something that day, I know that the power of the higher ones is swift indeed true and exact. I know from the day I saw this picture in the newsletter until I met Dr. Malachi in the flesh I know with my life that he was one sent. He is the reason that I am who I am today. He has changed my life forever. I have come to know who I am what I am and why I am. Pops, as we affectionately call him, is a father, friend, brother, master teacher and a deity to me. The world will, in time, come to know who he really he is to a sick world. He has the medicine to cure the illnesses of this troubled world. He is the most compassionate person I have known in my 69 years on this planet who embraces all with truth. Humans have learned to love things that is not good for them and hate that which is good for them. I am saying to you world, give peace a chance. For once, listen to Dr. Malachi Z York as if your soul depends on it as it does. He Is Here For Us All.

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