Lies Can’t Stop The Truth

Raah’ubaat, “greetings”. This is my article on why Dr. Malachi Z. K. York should be free, how he has changed my life and his influence as well as meaning in my life. First off let me say I have never (physically) met Dr. York but his books, lectures , tapes, dvd’s, and so on have not only given me confidence in myself but given me something our people have been deprived of too long and that is “The Actual Facts”. Since day one we as a people have been lied to economically, HIStorically, educationally, health wise, and the worst of all, spiritually. Dr. York took us back to our true spiritual identity while teaching us the importance of coming together economically (Tama-RE), constantly educating us in high sciences, our ancient Tamarean culture, spiritual science Nuwaupu, and Lah’aj “language” Nuwaupuyee as well as mastering degrees of religion to be able to help out those in need who want the Actual Facts.

The kidnapping of Dr. Malachi Z.K. York, a proven Liberian diplomat, is more proof that the corrupt individuals governing our institutions are nothing but criminals who want the truth suppressed to continue profiting off of the ignorance of the innocent people. It has been proven for the record he is a diplomat, none of the children had been touched by him, and even key witnesses recanted their statements and proclaimed his innocence on film. It seems that the governing bodies of the United States meant “JUST-US” when they said Justice because this man has been targeted for exposing countless lies told to us by mainstream media, religion, social media and even school history books, not for any true “Crime”.

The real criminals are coming out of the woodwork lately, spreading their lies and slander. They need to do this to keep perpetuating the idea of Dr. York being a bad man, but it will not work. They are trying to protect themselves. It was they who were paid by the government to set up Dr. Malachi Z.K York because they hated what he was teaching, the unification of people of African heritage, order and structure. The conspiracy runs deep, from corrupt, biased judges with no jurisdiction who sentenced an innocent man to 135 years to the fraudulent court and all of its co-conspirators. If anyone would like the actual facts of Dr. York and the case please watch “Untold Truth” on YouTube. A’ashuq “Divine Love”.


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