Just Us

What has this world come to? It seems the world is filled with hate, envy and perversions.
It saddens me that the rich frequently get away with murder, literally, while the innocent ones of meager means are sentenced harshly. Money can’t buy you love, but it can apparently buy you a lighter sentence. For example, Jeffrey Epstein is a billionaire and financier according to Forbes magazine. He is also a known sex offender who was charged with child molestation in Palm Beach Florida. He was said to have lured girls as young as 14 from Palm Beach to St. Thomas Island. Epstein’s tactic was to pay the girls for their services.

To cover up his perversions, Epstein motioned to have his plea deal closed. This known sex offender is asked a federal judge to seal all documents related to his hidden plea deal to prevent the victims attorneys from exposing them to the public. For the horrific crimes Epstein committed he was sentenced to only 1 year which was later decreased to 10 months max. Epstein’s living quarters was in a private area in the prison, one that he clearly paid for. The system even allowed Epstein work release with the luxury of returning to the prison at night.

Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s victims, was forced to have sex countless times with
him, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz. Prince Andrew denied that he even knew the girl. However, pictures soon surfaced that clearly showed the two of them together while Roberts was a just a teen. Where is the justice for her? The victims of our unjust “Just Us” system are innumerable. Dr. Malachi Z. York’s case was handled haphazardly and unjustly that no one could even prove that he actually committed any crime at all!

Justice by way of the natural nature laws of cause and effect will prevail. The real criminals and ones who conspired to frame this innocent man, Dr. Malachi York, will be exposed as will their own perversions. Dr. York will be free of his dimly lit cell, his hereditary angioedema will not continue to go untreated and ignored. He will hold his head up higher than the rich, privileged who walk around free, yet guilty. Stay tuned.

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