My Journey with DR MALACHI Z K YORK

Raahubaat my English name is:
Raymond Edward Williams.
AEO name: Manthuhatap Ptah Sabur.
Aged 46
I live in Southampton England UK
At the age of nineteen I decided to start reading the bible. Mainly to show my parents that they were not christians, even though they would call themselves christian. after asking them about a dozen questions from the bible that they could not answer, there was two questions in particular that nobody could clear up for me.
How is that father Abraham travelled east from Mesopotamia and ended up Egypt which is west of that region?
The second question was who are the Canaanites? because Abraham did not want his son to marry amongst the daughters of Canaan.
I ended up in a bible book store, the lady in the store seemed to take my queries as hostile. At that time I found that extremely confusing.
Anyway it wasn’t until four years later when I was handed two VHS video tapes by  my good friend Paul Strachan, one titled “The New Covenant” the second was titled “The Elohim”, both were Question and Answer classes held by DR MALACHI Z K YORK.
Well these tapes answered most of the questions I had and a whole lot more. I would sit and watch these tapes with my parents over and over again. Often discussing how most of the religious peoples of the planet have no idea of the truths of their holy books.
Which led me to want to follow in the footsteps of this great wise man. So now I and some of my friends have a voluntary service providing question and answer classes and a whole variety of services based on actual facts.
The teachings of DR YORK has made me a more loving, caring, giving and honest human being because I am trying my best to follow in the footsteps of this great man.
R E Williams