How Much Dr. York Changed My Life

Rahubaat yasar, Anuki (I am) Amun Rayay. I am writing this article to let the people know how much Dr. York changed my life. First I would like to say that Dr. York was the only man that gave us back our lahaj (language),  culture, and taught us how to be a real Nuwaupian. He changed our life physically and spiritually by showing us Paa Taraq (The Way). He wrote over several books telling us who we really are and how to get back in tone with our ancestors.

Dr. York changed my life by giving me the truth and nothing but the truth; the truth is always needed. I look up to Dr. York as a father figure because he is honest and a great leader. He made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this world and that I have a chance to succeed. It takes patience and heart to do the things he did for our people.

Dr. York also taught us how to love, and support our own culture, taught us how to be real Africans. One of the quotes from the Master Teacher that I will never forget is “You are everything and everything is you” Speaking paa lahaj (the language) changed the way I think and the vibration around me. The Master Teacher always told us our paa lahaj is important. All Nuwaupians love and support the Master Teacher and would love to see him free. As far as Dr. York’s case goes, he is an innocent man proven by facts. Dr. York taught us to go by facts not belief and the truth is always supported facts. I love and support Dr. York. Please free the Master Teacher. Aashaq Yasar (Divine love family)


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