How Malachi York Influenced My Life For The Past 17 Years

My Name is Marsha Baldwin. I’m over 17 years in following the doctrine set forth by Dr. Malachi York. 17 years ago I happened upon a brother that came into my salon to receive hair services. At first, he came in and shared a little of Dr. York’s teachings. He later came with a small book that he allowed me to examine for a bit. Later that week, we meet to have a discussion about all the questions we All had for years, many I had since about 7 or 8 years old.

As I continued to read and study more, I was brought out of the depressed mind state I was in at that time. I had a new outlook on life. I did not feel as confused and wondering why. A couple of years later I attended my first Zjed Festival in Tama-re and immediately felt like I was home with family. Everything and everyone was peaceful and loving. It was truly amazing. There were many activities going on. One of which was a question and answer gathering. Dr. York filled each person with more knowledge than we could have expected. Dr. York greeted most of us with a wave and/or a kind touch on the shoulder to let us know he knew we were there. I have gone many places and seen many speakers and preachers and never received a true welcoming as we did when coming to see Dr. York. There were literally hundreds of people and everyone looking happy.

I wasn’t an avid reader before receiving and purchasing Dr. York’s teachings. Now I read and research all the time and have increased my vocabulary. You cannot just read one of his books and not research and become more intelligent whether you trust what he is teaching or not.

I also learned how to accept and receive people better. I’m a forced introvert. Meaning, I had a parent that was abusive. So not to repeat that cycle, I did a lot of research in Dr. York’s teachings about family and the nature of people. As I read and listened to Dr. York, I became more self-confident and accept people for who they are. Many of the relationships I have formed along my life’s path have been due to sharing Dr.York’s teachings. Those people are still relevant in my life today even if we did not share the same view at some time in our past.

I live a healthier lifestyle due to Dr. York’s teachings. I have a family of people that were on medications and I did not want that for my children and I, nor for my children’s children and so on. We pay attention to our bodies and have not been sick in many years. I would like to say for least 16 years. Dr. York’s teachings have helped me to get in control of my life and take responsibility for every action. He has helped me to become a pillar in our society.

Dr. Malachi York is a servant to us All. One can always listen and read of his teachings and find relevance along with some humor. He is incredibly funny. I’m smiling now thinking about how humorous and kind he is. To be the man he is to so many, he is extremely humble. I have never felt threatened or humiliated by him. One may not be ready to digest what they have read or heard at that time but just as parents made the remark “You will find out later”, that is what happens.

I’m forever grateful and honored to know and love Dr. Malachi York. His freedom is relevant, useful and important to us All.

Marsha Baldwin
The Palace of Hair Artistry



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