How Dr. York Saved Me From Trouble

My name is Everton Hall. I was born in Jamaica 1955. l came into the information from Dr. Malachi York in 1998 after returning back from Jamaica from holiday. Dr. York saved me from trouble. My friend showed me this book and decided to lend me. This book was written by the Master Teacher, Dr. York. That book was stolen from me. l had to replace the book so l went to Brixton to acquire the book from the shop.

Since then l have been having dreams with Dr. York in them. l had a dream of a very good friend of mine who I lent a lot of money and my three piece leather sofa. My friend had returned back to Jamaica without paying me back my money or returning my sofa.

Dr. York
Rev. Dr. Malachi Z K York

My Dream Where Dr. York Saved Me

In the dream I met him in Peckham and he wanted me to help him. So I agreed. But he had done something wrong. When l helped him I found myself in Peckham police station.The officer in charge called my son’s name out to me. I said to myself how did he know my son. By this time my son and daughter were in the Police station. I knew I was in trouble as soon as the officer came over to me.
I knew that I was safe because the Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi York, walked in and took us out of the station. About six months later, my friend called me from Jamaica. He said that I can go to the flat and collect my sofa. I knew that the flat was rented out. He owed money to a partner he was working with. If I had gone into the apartment and started to remove my sofa, I would have been in trouble. I wanted to go but I remembered the dream. Dr. York saved me.