How Dr. York Inspired Me

Peace and blessings to you and yours,
I am :Anthony-Lee-Wilson: Bey-Re-El, and I am now 61 going on 62 years of age come this January. From the age of 21, while in the military and on leave, I came across a young man with some books I had never seen before. I asked him about them. He began to tell me the story about this man named York and how his life was changed because of this man. So I purchased about six books, some body oils and left to go back overseas. I had no idea of the magnitude of the knowledge and information contained in these books and how they would change my life forever.
I got back to permanent party in Germany, started reading and to my surprise I couldn’t put them down. I read them over and over and over again, wishing I had more to read and wishing that I could meet the man that wrote these books. After getting back to my unit, my mother got really sick. They thought that she may die. Being her only child, I had to leave the army and hurry home. By the grace of the most high God, and the many prayers, she begin to get much better.
When I got home, I got more books and studied day and night. I couldn’t hold back what I had been taught and learned thus I begin to teach my family, friends and those that wanted to know what changed my life this way. I felt everyone should know and have this knowledge. Mind you, before I went into the military, I got high on pot and drank wine and beer, not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I sought out Mr. York, and met him. To my surprise he treated everyone equally, helping any and everyone that came his way and never asking for a dime. This inspired me to give what he gave to me to others, which I did. It made me a better young man.
I lived among others seeking his tutelage. We all begin to grow and become better men and women. I am now a wiser elder for it. I truly have Mr. York to thank for the past thirty nine to forty years of my life. There are those all around the world who will say and feel the same thing. The world is in dire need of his teachings, love and caring. This makes him an asset to us all, especially how the world is today. Mr. York would and will be of great benefit to all. This is why I feel he should be pardoned. I hope you will find it in your good graces Mr. President Barack Obama, to grant a great man his freedom so he can continue his work to help us all here and throughout the world.
With sincerity and divine love I write this letter.
Thank you from,
:Anthony-Lee-Wilson: Bey-Re-El

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