How Dr. York Changed My Life

When it comes to Malachi Z. York, words will never be able to sum up the positive and life changing effects his teachings have had in my life. Helping one to return back to their true nature and re-learn how to embrace their own culture is a very beautiful experience. I have never met Malachi Z. York in person but I have received letters and the books and audios that were life changing. Growing up in the city of Chicago were trying times for children in my generation. We dealt with crime & gangs and sometimes that life chooses you.
As a youngster and especially a female, I lived a life that was not really suitable for a young lady. I had loving parents in my home but I chose to do it the hard way so of course when I became an adult, I had grown but I still had a mentality that still wasn’t matured. One day at the tender age of 21, I came across a book written by Malachi Z. York. What made me sit down and start reading I don’t know, but the book was so captivating I actually sat there and read the entire book. The name of the book I can’t tell you but I remembered the author. Ironically months later, I ran into a brother that started talking about ancient Egypt and mentioned Mr. York. He then introduced me to a lady that was distributing books by Malachi Z. York and my life changed drastically the day I met this elder.
Mr. York taught in a manner I never saw before. His method of teaching helped me understand and implement the knowledge I was receiving in my own life. It didn’t take me long to wise up and alter my life. I have learned patience, endurance, strength, understanding, and most importantly the ‘Will” I never thought I could manifest. I learned to love myself in a manner where when I see others, I want the same for them as I do myself. This didn’t come from any other source than the right knowledge I’ve obtained from Malachi Z. York. This may sound drastic to some but he saved my life. He is a major part of why my life has turned out for the better. I wish for the day for me to tell him “Thank you” face to face. He means SO MUCH TO SO MANY.

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