How Dr Malachi Z York Influenced My Life

My very first encounter in association to Malachi York was upon meeting three of his dedicated students.

On February 14th, 1998 I was on my way to visit my boyfriend at that time in prison, I reached the bus station late and had missed the bus and so I had to turn back, upset with myself and anticipating my boyfriends disappointment I was saddened.

I was on my way home listening to the Reggae Artiste Sizzla Kalonge on my Cd player at the time (it was very loud) however on approaching the door to Mall I heard “Speesse Sis” I stopped in my tracks and turned around to see who was trying for my attention. About 100 yards away I saw three men looking royal and very important dressed in black and gold standing beside a table draped in black cloth with what I now know were a collection of some of the many books Authored by Dr Malachi Z York

I removed my earphones and stood afar and observed for while as I was both astonished and confused as to how I could possibly have heard the call from so far. I made my way towards the messengers as I called them at the time and was greeted with warmth, welcoming smile, the smell of incense and the distinct ALL Scent lingered it was all too familiar and I felt at home. I asked questions that I never ever thought I could get answers to. I stood at that table until shadow hour came and it was time to pack up. One student gave me some true light tapes to listen to and a few small scrolls to take away and read. When I heard Malachi York’s voice on the tapes I recognised him immediately. When I began reading the books it broke me out of illusions. I began to take responsibility for my life. I visited our home Tamare Egipt of the west the following year in March and then for Our Annual Saviours Day and I had a wonderful experience. I saw Dr Malachi Z York teach and it was great to see the being in the flesh.

I have had my ups and downs over the years but Malachi York has always remained constant. In times of despair I have been assisted by way of dream state and or other forms of guidance and protection. If not for Malachi York my life would probably have no real meaning and/or direction. I am forever grateful thankful to and for him for all the sacrifices he has made. He has suffered enough It’s NOW time for him to come home.