How Do YOU Feel About Your Freedom?

Have you ever sat down and really thought to yourself what does freedom mean to you? Some people really, really appreciate their simple freedoms in life as they walk up and down the street or to the store and back. While others feel that freedoms like those are not enough and they want more.

What does freedom really mean though? Well, first, let us look at the word freedom. It means the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint. The root of freedom is free which means enjoying personal rights or liberty, as a person who is not in slavery.

Now imagine yourself as a 71 year old man, who has done no wrong to anyone, having your freedom taken away for 135 years. You have health problems like Angioedema, a life threatening illness, high blood pressure, and leg problems which cause him to need a wheelchair from time to time. You might quickly learn to appreciate your little freedom after that thought. Yet, a man name Dr. Malachi Z York has been suffering for 15 years under harsh conditions for something he never did.

Dr. Malachi Z York has authored over six hundred books since 1963, speaks 19 different languages, and is a teacher whose only desire was to uplift people from all walks over life around the world with information. Now think to yourself again, does a man of this caliber deserve to have his freedom taken away or continue to be imprisoned for something he never did? He was taken to court on a federal holiday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, and no evidence was found against Dr. Malachi Z York for the charges brought against him. If you appreciate your freedom even the smallest amount, make a change and sign our petition to help Dr. Malachi Z York appreciate his freedom again.



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