He Has Changed My Life

It is quite difficult to state the level and extent of the positive impact that the works of Dr. Malachi Z. York has had upon my life. Thing is, I have never physically met the man, nor been in his direct presence. But his works have profoundly changed my life, my thinking and aspirations, in such a positive way that I can only celebrate his being when I speak of him.

On a personal level, his impact has been to align my whole being and sense of self… this has been achieved essentially through his writings, and his lectures. Writing over 1000 books, providing insight into science, personal development and spiritual well being, breaking down the main monotheistic religions, establishing a cultural link for many people, scattered across the world from amongst the African-Caribbean diaspora who were seeking further insight into their story.  I can’t think of another figure who has put so much effort into raising the consciousness of others.  And has asked for nothing, nothing at all.

His works have assisted me in identifying my personal development goals, has helped, and continues to help me through many of my more difficult moments,  and continues to provide the essential guidance to my life. I cannot explain how essential his influence has been on my life. It’s something unique. His works are clear, factually based and he suggests no personal gain.

Dr. Malachi Z .York has brought a culture, and spiritual awareness to hundreds of thousands of people across the planet, for over four decades… and has asked for nothing in return. The example that he has set, and even when incarcerated, the example he continues to set, speaks volumes, and his current situation should both alarm and shame the respective authorities who many feel continue to unjustly, and unfairly, hold this man under extreme incarceration.

His heart has always been looking to promote fairness, justice and equality, across the world. Now approaching his crucial, later years, I just wish him to receive the love, support and fair assessment that his works and efforts have deserved.

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