Greetings Mr. President

My name is Mosheh Johnson. I’m writing you today to address the wrongful incarceration of a great and innocent elder named Dr. York. I would like to start by saying that Dr. York is the most influential, dedicated, hard working, loving, caring and inspiring man I’ve ever known. From his humanitarian works funding hospitals for children with sickle cell, to his assistance of the elderly. He has unified the minds of people from all walks of life, and all over the world, creating the land I’m privileged to call my childhood home “Tama-Re”, located in Eatonton, Georgia on 476 acres, also called “Egipt Of The West” because of its Egyptian theme. No, I didn’t live on that land but I frequented there.

Growing up at that time and through his many years of incarceration, I’ve grown into an upstanding citizen thanks to his teachings of culture and justice. He has shown me that love comes in many forms, but the most effective is by your works. He has provided me with an example of how all men should carry themselves, making good men better. He has so much more to teach! It pains me to know that at his 71 years of age, he is suffering from Angioedema, a life threatening illness, high blood pressure, and leg problems which cause him to need a wheelchair from time to time, all while he is under ground rotting in a cell. His Angioedema attacks frequently leaving him unconscious on his cement cell floor with limited assistance from medical personnel that are not equipped to handle his complex medical needs. Angioedema frequently attacks his throat and his air passages swell, which can cause suffocation. No matter what the “accusations” are, no one with such a big heart and so many great works should have to suffer this fate. All he wishes to do is live out the remainder of his life in dignity with his family and loved ones. I along with the rest of my family still love and miss him greatly.

Mr. President, if there was anyone worth an opportunity to prove their innocence and their worth to our society, no one qualifies more than Dr. York. Mr. President, Please Free Dr. York and change this wrong, this is a chance to change for us all! 


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