Grateful To Know Dr. Malachi Z K York

I have been a student of Dr. Malachi York for 18 years.  When I encountered the teachings of Dr. York, I found was everything I had been seeking to learn in my life up until that point and so much more. Dr. York has given me knowledge of my true roots, a culture, land and language, as well as spiritual and scientific knowledge which has fed every part of my being.  Dr. York’s knowledge is so vast and at the highest level, at the same time, as a teacher he has the gift of making profound information accessible to anyone through one of his books or classes.

Another distinction of Dr. York’s teachings is the level of honor and respect given to the woman, placing us in our rightful position. Dr. York has taught us to place the woman up front as leaders and teachers, returning to the matriarchal society found in Native American and African cultures, going all the way back to our very origins as the indigenous people of this planet.  I have been uplifted and empowered by his teachings, which taught me the greatness of the sacred feminine, the power we hold as females and how to properly wield that power in the world.

Over the past 18 years I have learned so much from Dr. York, who has taught us about everything under and above the sun. However, the most powerful lessons Dr. York has given me have been during the nearly 15 years of his incarceration. During these years I have watched him endure and I learned powerful lessons from him about sacrifice, resilience, persistence and divine love. Who can be subjected to over a decade of incarceration, experiencing  physical and psychological torture, while battling a potentially fatal disease, Acute Hereditary Angioedema,  and experiencing deep betrayal, slander, and defamation, yet still continue to care deeply about the welfare of others on the outside? Who can, despite being confined in inhumane conditions for over a decade, fighting for his life, separated from his loved ones, without proper medical care, still laugh and joke to bring a smile to the face of those who visit him so he can help ease the pain they feel seeing him behind layers of glass?  Who? Dr. Malachi Z.K. York.

I am truly blessed and grateful to be touched by Dr. York’s presence in my life, his writings, his teaching, his example, and all of his works for over 50 years. It has changed my life tremendously, for the better. There is no more powerful gift than to know thyself, and Dr. York has given this gift to ALL the peoples of the earth.  And for all he has given to all of his students and to humanity as a whole, I will continue to fight for Dr. York’s freedom and declare his innocence until he is released.

Atuntat Marytat Nafartat Sanantat Atum-Rayay


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