From Abuse to Healing Through Dr. York’s Writings

I remember being abused as a child in the name of Jesus by my great grandmother. She torture me like every day. Whether it was physical abuse or mental abuse, there was a constant fear I had up until I was 12. I move with my mother who again neglected me. The only thing I have to do is run the streets.

I joined a gang at the age of 14. I was constantly in and out of jail. I was placed in a mental institution for a short period of time, then on into a group home up till I was 17. Wow, in this group home I had an awakening. I started reading books written by Dr. York and started gaining knowledge of self. I learned about my ancestors and world history and events.

Dr. York’s writings have detoured me from committing serious crimes and ended up in prison or worse, dead like so many other black men. I am now 42 years of age and a positive role model for so many young African-Americans in my community. I talk to the youth using Dr. York’s teachings to save them from the streets.

Not only did Dr. York provide a way out for trouble for myself, but his writings helped save many people from drugs, prostitution and even radical Islam. Dr. York’s writings pulled numerous people away from extreme Islam, saving them from possible terrorist group which attempt to destroy America. Dr. York helped save America! He is not only he a master teacher but is also a master code breaker. With the freedom of Dr. York, our communities will become safe again. Please free Dr. York!