Free Dr. Malachi York

Have you got a short time to hear a story about an amazing, influential man and how you help solve a problem and might solve your own?

Dr. Malachi York was born on June 26th, 1945. He is recognized for being a teacher, author, song writer, musician, scholar, humanitarian and a father.

In his music days Dr. Malachi York worked in music production and performing. He was known as Dr. Malachi York and he launched his own record label he named Passion.

Dr. Malachi York’s début single was ‘It’s only a Dream’ from the album New York (Hot Melt Records UK 1985). Dr. Malachi York worked with artists such as Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, Jackie and the Star lights, The Students and more.

Dr. Malachi York influenced people like Erykah Badu who introduced Wu-Nuwaup (one of Dr. Malachi York’s teachings) to Andre 3000 who introduced it to his Outcast friend Big Boy and Khujo Goodie of the Goodie Mob. Dr. Malachi York also inspired Nuwaupian members to make what they call Nu-wop which has artist such as Ntelek, Daddi Kuwsh, Nefu Amun Hotep and more he has also influenced underground artist such as Killah Priest more.

Dr. Malachi York has been teaching for over 45 years and covered what can be called many schools of thought such as Islam. During that school of thought Dr. Malachi York and his students were known as the Ansaaru Allah Community and practiced Islam from 1970 to 1980.

Dr. Malachi York also walked his people through Moorish Science, Judaism, Christianity and brought them right up to date with Wu-Nuwaup.

Dr. Malachi York has written over 1000 books up to date covering all different subjects from religion, science, African history and more.

Dr. Malachi York organized communities and helped build them. Dr. York and the Nuwaupians had 473 acres of land in Putnam county Georgia.

The Nuwaupians, under Dr. Malachi York’s guidance, built an Egyptian theme park which they called Tama-Re. They built and owned different businesses, had their own novelty money printed which they used on the land and even had their own security force. People united from all over the world from New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, UK, Trinidad and more to come, build, and experience Tama-Re. Others liked it so much that they decided to live there.

With Dr. Malachi York’s influence a community was able to flourish in many different ways. They had book stores in more than 12 different cities in the US, UK and Trinidad.

Although Dr. Malachi York was the main founder of the land he did not live there. Dr. Malachi York was able to gather many people with different professions and those who didn’t have a profession. He gave them opportunity to do something positive, not only for themselves but for a whole community.

He also gave young people the pride and respect to be someone great.

A lot of people love Dr. Malachi York and want to see him released from prison.

Many people have taken pictures holding the #ObamaFreeDrYork2016 sign and made videos asking President Barack Obama and President Elect Donald Trump to pardon Dr. Malachi York.

A campaign to free Dr. Malachi York has been started by his legal team which is led by Victoria Broussard and Mario Jessup.

Dr. Malachi York has influenced a lot of people. He has been mentioned in music by artists like Nas and Prodigy from Mobb Deep. The Reggae Legend Jimmy Cliff has done a video asking President Obama to free Dr. Malachi York.

Do you like the idea of a community uniting, building and growing successfully together?

What would you want the world to do if you were lied about and imprisoned?

Do you want to do something positive for someone? Help us solve a problem by helping us free Dr. Malachi York, an innocent man who is being held in Florence ADX Prison after being wrongfully sentenced to 135 years.

Dr. York predicted that he would be lied about and imprisoned in a recorded lecture in the 1980s.

Dr. York has also been refused medical treatment for his life threatening illness, Acute Hereditary Angioedema.

Victoria Broussard, Dr. York’s attorney, and partner Mario Jessup have been a great help in the fight for Dr. York’s freedom.

If you like to also donate money to Dr. York’s case please do it through Victoria Broussard legal office.

It would be great if you can take a picture of yourself with a white sign reading #ObamaFreeDrYork2016. Email the picture to Now you have the facts. If you would like more information on the case, please contact Victoria Broussard via social media or email.

Dr. York has influenced and inspired me so much that I use him as an example of who I would like to be like and he has managed to do that without us meeting.

I’m proud to support Dr. Malachi York in his journey to freedom and I thank Mario Jessup, Victoria Broussard and all of those supporting members of the Nuwaupian Tribe and yourself for your help to free our beloved Dr. York.

Welcome on board.



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