Dr. York Wrote Books For The Upliftment Of Humanity

My testimony of what Dr. York did for me starts before my time. Dr. York wrote books for the upliftment of humanity. By him doing this he was able to make many people better people. This included some members of my family. Through them, his works made their way to me. As a teen I felt incomplete and my questions and curiosity were not being met with answers until I  found his question answer classes. Like many others through the help of his great works, I was given a greater sense of pride.

My questions were finally starting to be answered. It made me more eager to learn and expand my mind. I started to study more and my memory improved. I took the food I ate more seriously. My reading also confirmed how knowledgeable my mother was which helped me to appreciate her more. The studies  made me want more out of life which caused me to do better at home which helped my family. I developed a can do attitude which helped me to become better at work and play. I took a more productive role at work. This allowed me to play a larger part in meeting the organization’s needs.

It helped me to become a more caring, considerate person. Dr. York’s teachings helped me to help others and treat others better. This made their lives better. My new positive outlook allowed me to give positive energy to people regardless of race age or gender.  My eagerness to learn continues to increase and as it does, so does my desire to help others and humanity as a whole.

I have gained a greater respect for nature, increased my ways in which I give back to nature and I respect all life from small insects to large whales. I know that with all that Dr. York has done for me he definitely has for countless others. I know  many whose lives have turned around because of Dr. York teaching spirituality, cleanliness, math, science, and so much more.

Dr. York gave the homeless homes and the hopeless hope. He showed what hard work, dedication, love and unity can do. Thanks to Dr. York’s influence, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of  the most caring, considerate and selfless individuals I’ve ever met. They encourage me, set positive examples for me and increase my desire to want to do better and improve myself. I will always be grateful.