Dr. York, The Universal Healer

Dr. York has made a positive impact in my life.  I carried the burden and pains of molestation and rape. The choices in my life reflected that of a young lady having low self esteem and feeling as if no one loved me.  I found comfort reading books he’s authored. He spoke life into me. He has shown and taught me the legacy that I come from,  a history so great! Women who changed the course of history.  Dr. York taught how to love myself as well as self preservation. He’s saved my life and the life of my son. I don’t know where life would have taken us if it wasn’t for Dr. York. He’s taught me and so many other women how to carry ourselves as ladies, proper nutrition,  exercise and for some the duties of motherhood and sisterhood. He’s shown myself and many more  the positive influences we have in our community.  I learned to love again unconditionally in its most pure and organic form. I am thankful to have been showered by love by such a beautiful soul.

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