Dr. York Taught Me How To Care

Accountability; Self-Correcting; Living up to your Potential; Love of Self and Kind; the Power and Beauty of Nature; Mindfulness of What You Put into Your Body by way of All 5 Senses; Walking in Your Truth; Gathering and Staying Connected to Your Loved Ones and Practicing Divine Love to All are some of the amazing and life-changing concepts that I have learned from Dr. Malachi York.

There are many greats that have made major impacts on humanity, but I never thought that I would have this much love and admiration for someone as great as Dr. Malachi York.  Not to discredit any of the others that has had an impact on humanity, but with Dr. York it’s a different kind of love…a life-changing love.

Have you ever been at a low point in your life with the desire to make a change and someone shows up and shows you The Way? That is my story, my testimony in regards to Dr. York, and the miraculous thing about my story is that I have never met him.

He has saved me through his Divine Love for us that he strongly portrays in the many doctrines he has written and the many lessons he has taught that I submerge myself in daily. The first video I recall listening to was entitled “Learn to Care”. Yes, he teaches us how to care! This was the first time I truly understood the impact we have when we truly care for each other.  When you care for someone, you want to ensure their needs and overall well-being are met.

So, it often baffles me that a man of this caliber, who has done so much by helping the lives of many be in the predicament that he is in and is being attacked and targeted by so many people, many of whom he has helped. What I know for sure is when there is a person that has a major impact on humanity, they often are targeted and are either assassinated or character assassinated. Think about all the greats and what they had to go through from acts of hate because of their impact to humanity. This fact within itself should alert the masses that this is a powerful and caring man whose name has been tarnished by those who has placed horrible accusations of child molestation on him, one of the worst crimes known to man. The Fact is, he has not been charged with this crime due to lack of evidence, but this stigma remains with him which deters many from following his teachings, dismissing his creditability, and most importantly, taking a stand towards his freedom.

I am asking that you take the stand with me and thousands of others around the world that knows within our hearts and souls that this is an innocent man who is being targeted by hate. Exercise that act of learning to care that he teaches us and sign the petition for clemency for President Barack Obama to Pardon Dr. Malachi York.

Let your Heart Guide your Deeds…


Sign the petition to Free Dr. York!!!