Dr. York And The Sacred Feminine


“We are all a sum total of our experiences”. A well known teaching of Dr. Malachi York that I learned. In the case of the feminine, being raised in a patriarchal society in which music, religion and entertainment focuses on either degrading us, making fun of us or suppressing us, we are in dire need of change. And by “we”, I mean male and female. Dr. York explained in several of his works how the suppression of the female alters her. “The Goddess In Her Dies.” As a Goddess, YOU can only kill yourself by allowing it into your life, accepting it. You, as the mother of all living, are the true deity. He comes from She, never the other way around. Only once she is restored can he be restored.


Does this mean you can do whatever you want when you want how you want? Is that the way of a goddess? Absolutely not. Should you act out the pain as a result of years of abuse and oppression by attempting to suppress the male? Definitely not. Still, learning to conduct oneself as a Sacred Feminine, Goddess Creator is a process. Masculines, remember that she is human. She will faulter. She is still living day to day in this society of male rule, warring through a battle only she can fight alone. If she says she needs you, believe her she does.


Never before have the facts of the true order of things and matriarchal rule been revealed until The Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi York began elevating us back to our rightful place, teaching us our way and how to educate the future generations how not to fall into the same patterns we have.

As we are a sum total of our experiences, the ordeals that are unique to the feminine are often not overstood by those who do not have those same rough roads to travel. It is however not an excuse to lash out. We have to learn to control the emotions caused by whatever betrayal, feelings of abandonment or just plain anger at feeling disrespected because of our capacity to forgive and love. And therein lies the greatest challenge.


By not only reading, but also APPLYING what Dr. York teaches us we can begin to heal and learn how to respect and treat each other, female and male. The Sacred Feminine doctrine is not an excuse to man bash. It is meant to restore balance and to restore balance, She must BE balance. Easier said than done as we live in an unbalanced world that has abused her, she carries those scars. In becoming balanced, she will sway too far in one direction at times. But watch her closely, be patient with her as she is with you. A true Nuwaupian woman will correct her course. That is how she becomes balanced. A scale is only perfectly balanced when its empty, and she is anything but that.

Dr. York is showing us all how to respect HER again and HER to respect herself. I still have much to learn and for the time I’m allowed to do that, I’m forever thankful to him.


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