Dr. York Made A Major Impact In My Life

Dr York has had a major impact on my life. I still remember back in 1990 when at the time I was into the Nation of Islam doctrine. I happened to be walking back from my cousin’s house in west Tampa Florida. I saw this man sitting outside with some books covering a vast amount of information. One book in particular that grabbed my attention was this book called “Could Christ Transform Himself”.

Upon reading it, I was transformed that instant. The amount of information and how he was able to point out the many fallacies of the crucifixion really shook me. I did not think that someone could be so bold to even challenge such a theory, let alone with the other fallacies of Christ himself. One thing more that surprised me was how the different languages that he explained gave me a better understanding on the subjects that he talked about.

This great Man showed me to pray and practice Islam in his pristine purity before he took me to other schools of thought and learning. I could say Dr. York has had a tremendous influence on me, as mention earlier. The one that stands out to me is when I was in North Carolina attending college. Math was not one of my strongest subjects. One day while attending a spiritual class conducted by one of his student teachers, we just happen to be talking on the subject of science. In the process he revealed that the reason why we have so many problems in the field a of math and science is because we don’t take the time to study the formulas as taught the Master Teacher Dr. York. I don’t know what it was but from that day on, math was not as hard for me as was before. Unfortunately, I failed math because I learned this lesson too late.

There are so many things that this great Man has had on my life. These are the two that stands the most out in my mind. Although I never met him personally, I did visit Tama-Re. It really is sad that it’s always the ones who try to stand for what is right who are persecuted. Regardless, he will always have a place in my heart, mind and soul.


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