Dr. York Lead Me To Become A Better Citizen

From the Desk of Solomon Yemani, I am conscientious in my personal and professional life. I take pride in myself, my work and derive considerable satisfaction from doing all assignment’s well. Dr.York lead me  to become a better citizen as well as a leader and mentor to young adults.

I am the founder of Solomon’s Boot Camp Academy. Solomon’s Boot Camp Academy, stands as “A Pillar of Strength” in the  Community. Its purpose is to preserve the unity of Family and protect the Citizen by proportionally providing, treatment and accountability, to what most would call undesirable youth. Solomon’s Boot Camp Academy, recognizes the need to provide Care, Protection, Wholesome  Mental, Emotional, Behavioral and Physical Development, for disenfranchised youth. Solomon’s Boot Camp Academy, Inc conducts it mission with the recognition of the magnitude of responsibility to provide Treatment, Supervision and Rehabilitation to the children in our community, while maintaining a firm commitment to Preserving Family Life where ever possible.

Solomon’s Boot Camp Academy, will provide a  Secure, Safe and Humane Alternative, to standard incarceration. This voluntary seven (7) month program is designed to enforce Positive Life Building Skills, in a Regimented, Disciplined and Therapeutic Environment, in concert with Intensive Drug and Alcohol Therapy, with Educational Classes. The goal of  This program is to provide each child with the opportunity and Mental Tools that are needed.

Reading books authored by Dr.York encouraged me to visit Ghana west Africa in 2011. The Queen Mother of Cape Coast Nana Ekua Abookye V  extended the Royal Treatment to me and family. President Donald Trump,  The Queen Mother  of Cape Coast met with you on your visit to Ghana she claims you as a friend. Hearken unto the voice of her cry and meditation. Mr. President the family of Queen Mother and her elders wish to plead with you and  your administration to give our  son Dr. York a pardon.

I have known Dr. York for 29 years. Having knowledge of the high ethical moral standards and integrity of Malachi York’s character. The 71 year old senior who is eligible for the Elderly Act 2007. Malachi York has exemplified a character of surpassing superior merits and model of excellence nobility. Despite his discriminatory incarceration in which he served 15 years  of a 135 year sentence. Malachi York, misnomer Dwight D. York inmate #17911-054 is currently incarcerated at U.S.P. ADX Florence, Colorado in which he is suffering  from his current medical condition and his deteriorating neglected dentistry.

Mr. York suffers from a fatal medical condition, called angioedema. Bureau of Prisons have shown continuous medical negligence resulting in deliberate indifference. On May 8, 2002 Mr. York was violently arrested with use of excess force by state of Georgia arresting officers, and illegally detained no jurisdictional grounds in violation of the fourth and eighth Amendment of U.S. Constitution.

Mr. York displayed legal documentations of his Liberian status to arresting officers. In accordance to 8 U.S.C Section 1481 (1), (2), and (4). The United  States District Court for Middle District of Georgia held a trail after two years during January 2004 and proceeded on into the Federal Holiday, (Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section 6103 (a) of title 5, United States Code) of Dr. Martin Luther kings birth date, demonstrating Judicial biasness and Racial Profiling.

Many of the alleged witnesses for the prosecution from trial has written affidavits stating they were coerced into making false statements against Mr. York by prosecuting attorneys and officials. Mr . York was not allowed due process in accordance to the 5th Amendment. Wherefore, he was not tried by a jury of his peers nor was there any evidence of the Mann Act and Rico charges of  (75 years); contributing to the unjust sentencing of 135 years.

In correlation Malachi York’s accountant of 20 years testified of all financial reports and evidence of Malachi York’s financial reporting quarterly and yearly.   Mr. York authored over 1,000 books, speaks 19 languages, and was a teacher and lecturer , from 1970 until his incarceration in 2020. He translated The Torah, Psalms, the Book of Revelation, the Book of the Dead and Qur’an from their original languages, and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He was inspired to author The Holy Tablets, which is a new revelation. He is the only teacher known to build a distinctive land, “Egipt of The West” called Tama-re, that was located in Eatonton, Georgia on 467 acres.

Upon Dr. York’s conviction, the land was forfeited along with other property, of which the proceeds were split between the joint prosecuting local and federal agencies. No Money was distributed to alleged victims for restitution, because the federal case had no victims, since the charge against Dr. York were based on “intent” only.

President Trump,  Please  Pardon  Dr. York! Many Thanks. Truly, Solomon Yemani.