Dr. York Inspires Good People To Become Better

Greetings. Malachi York has given me a lot of spiritual insight since the early eighties up until this day and time, from having listened and read his many teachings by way of what was called then true light cassette tapes, Vhs videos and books on various subject matters. In this day and time, Malachi York has giving me a language, Nuwaupic, and a culture, Wu-Nuwaup, being a part of The United Nuwaupian Nation Worldwide, which we call our own and of which we are very proud.

Malachi York’s writings and teachings has inspired me, in this world, to change my life for the better. I have a new found love and respect for self and kind. Malachi York has inspired me to be true and respectful to myself as well as other people. In fact, as a Nuwaupian, the teachings of Malachi York are still inspiring me in further rediscovering more about myself, in a spiritually as well as in a physical way, to the rules of natural nature.

I first met Malachi York in upstate Catskill New York on a land that he owned. When I was in his presence, I felt positive energy. I was very comfortable with being in his presence and listening to him teach. Something deep down in my soul knew, especially when I actually met him in person, from the way that he presented himself, and all that he said and taught, that he was a great soul who embodied a lot of knowledge and wisdom to save many lives. I truly from my heart, love Malachi York for all that he has done and is doing for me. Malachi York, by way of his teachings, has shown me how to be a positively productive person in all walks of life. In turn I do all that I can in my power to help Malachi York in any way, shape, form or fashion. I also thank Malachi York for having inspiring me in becoming a mason of the Original Egiptian Masonic Order. Malachi York has raised my level of spiritual consciousness and state of mind in a positive way unlike any other person in my life thus far.

In closing, Malachi York is a positive man. He has had a positive and uplifting effect for the purpose of changing my life and I am continuing to become, each day that I live, a better person. Dr. York is an innocent man who is wrongfully serving time in prison for a crime he did not commit. Please help free Dr. Malachi York.

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  1. Thomas Konterrias D says:

    Words can’t began to describe the impact Dr.York has made on my life through his books. My very first book years ago was Jesus found in Egipt. This particular book awakened me to really think and research. It showed me how things can be right in front of you and how we look over facts. Dr.York is my spiritual father and guide and through his teachings I have helped other on their paths. He is a great inspiration and so many lives have been touch and changed. Free Malachi!

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