Dr. York Has Literally Saved My Life

Words Can Not Explain Nor Express What Dr. York Has Done For Me However, I Will Do My Best To Explain. I Was A Young Man Dwelling In The Streets Of Baltimore City Full Of Crime And Drugs. I Was A 24yr. Old Young Man When I Decided To Do Things In The Streets That I Had No Business Doing. One Day In The Winter Month Of December 1993 While Standing On The Corner, A Man Walked Up On The Block Dressed In All White Selling Books, Hats, Socks, Incense, And Other Products. So I Purchased A Hat From Him.

While Getting My Change From The Brother He Began To Talk About How The Sun Doesn’t Rise Nor Set, How Adam (Zakar) And Eve (Nekaybaw) Had Parents And That They Were Black People From Africa.  Right At The Moment Time Slowed Down As If Someone Was Controlling Space And Time.

I Was Trying To Call Everyone Who Was Around Me At That Time So They Could Hear This Powerful Information. People Walked Right Passed Us As If We Were Not Standing There And As If I Was Not Calling Them. The Funny Thing Is They Too Appeared To Be Walking In Slow Motion.

I Turned Back Around To Continue Listening To The Brother Giving Me This Most Profound Knowledge. I So Badly Wanted To Know Where Was He Getting This Powerful And Most Profound Information From. He Reached Into His Bag And Gave Me A Little Book From The Right Knowledge Series Entitled, “Adam & Eve”. That Little Book Lead Me Right Off Of That Corner Straight Into The House.

As I Began To Read The Book It Literally Overwhelmed Me And I Was Filled With So Much Pride And Joy. Like A Junky, I Wanted More But Most Of All I Wanted To Know Who Was The Author Of This Little Book. The Next Day I Went To The Brothers House Because The Previous Day He Had Told Me Where He Had Lived. Yearning For More Information I Brought More Books And I Brought Some Cassette Tapes As Well.

My Transformation

Unbeknown To Me, My Friends Began To Notice How I Was Always In The House Reading And How The Books Were Keeping Me Off Of The Streets, And I Also Realized How I Was Changing From The Inside Out Becoming A Better Person In Society. I Stopped Smoking Marijuana, Drinking Alcohol, And Selling Poison To My People. Meanwhile, I Just Had To Know Who This Man Was.

On June 26, 1997 I Drove To Eatonton, GA. Hoping To Meet The Author. When I Saw His Face And Heard His Voice In Person, I Knew Right Then And There That He Was Sent Here To Help People All Over The World. With The Help Of Dr. York I Went Back To School And Earned My High School Diploma, Took Some College Classes, I Also Learned How To Work On Cars With Some Knowledge Of Diesel Mechanics.

Today I Am A Baltimore City EMT / FF, And Have Been For The Past 10 + Yrs Now. Thanks To Dr York. Through His Teachings He Has Inspired Me To Do Better And To Be A Better Person In Society. Let’s Face It, Dr. York Has Literally Saved My Life From The Streets Of Baltimore City. Dr. York Is A Father Figure To Me And He Showed Me How To Be A Man. To This Very Day, Dr. York’s Teachings Still Inspires Me To Be A Better Man In Life.